Circa Real Estate Moves to 19th St

 Finding people a new Heights home is our specialty, but this February, we’ll be changing things up a bit and moving to a new home of our own! In February, we will be moving to our new digs on 19th Street, in some of the space occupied by Alli’s Pizzeria on the ground floor of Harold’s in the Heights.

Harold’s has been an ever-adapting presence on 19th Street since it opened in 2013 with the name Heights General Store, later changed to Harold’s as an homage to the menswear store previously occupied of the building. The downstairs has housed a small grocery store, pizza place, and now Harold’s Tap Room, one of the only dedicated bars in the dry zone of the Heights. There have been overlap periods between all of these concepts where multiple ideas were going on at once, so keeping track of what is being served in the Harold’s building at what time hasn’t always been easy.

For those who are sad to see Alli’s go, don’t despair. Harold’s Tap Room will still serve pizza, as part of an expanded menu featuring sliders, salads, sandwiches, and more. Abandoning the pizzeria concept will allow the very popular Harold’s to fit an extra 76 seats, and still leave enough room for us to move into about 1,000 square feet of the building. Alli Jarrett owns Harold’s and Alli’s Pizzeria, so the property is staying all in the family, so to speak.

With the opening of the Heights Theatre as a performance venue, Harold’s Tap Room has become quite a popular place to grab a drink before or after a show. The Tap Room features 75 beers (14 draft), 8 wines on tap, and signature infused cocktails created by bar manager Lauren Muse. As much as we’ve loved our time in the Cooley Mansion, we can’t wait to move in to our larger new space. We’d be hard pressed to find more appealing new neighbors, that’s for sure!

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