Unique Retail Coming to Shepherd

A new retail development is going in on N. Shepherd and 24th, catty-corner from the planned H-E-B store coming to the old Fiesta lot, and some people have…strong opinions about the design. While some Heights residents are glad to see plans for something that doesn’t look like a typical suburban strip mall, others find the asymmetrical, modern design off-putting at best.

Seen in the artist’s rendering above, the planned two-story development from Braun Enterprises features two stories of retail space in a 6,190 SF building facing Shepherd, and a separate one-story building facing 24th Street. The Shepherd-facing building is set at an angle to the street, and the second story looks like someone picked it up and twisted it around before setting it back on top of the first floor. Irregular angles and sharp edges abound. In order to fit in the required number of parking spaces, there will be parking between the two buildings, angled parking along the street, and parking on the roof.

While not all the tenants have been announced, spaces within the center are tentatively labeled for retail, a cafe, and a top-floor fitness studio. Tips Architecture designed the space. The development will go in where Auto Electric Service and Miller’s Auto & Body Repair once stood. The ever-changing face of Shepherd/Durham continues to evolve, to the displeasure of some who mourn the unique character of the gentrifying neighborhood, and delight of others who are happy to see the multitude of car dealerships and repair shops move elsewhere. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, it’s going to be an interesting next few transitional years for the area!


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Source: Swamplot