RIP Boneyard Drinkery

RIP Boneyard Drinkery

This week it was announced that the popular Boneyard Drinkery, a combination dog park and bar, will close its doors permanently at the end of November. The unique concept was a hit with Houstonians and suburbanites alike, drawing pooches and their puppy parents from all over the Houston metro area in droves each weekend. 

The Boneyard is not closing due to lack of business, but because the leased land they were operating on was sold. Due to the high prices of land within the loop and the large quantity of it needed to operate a concept like the Boneyard, there are no plans to relocate at this time. 

It may be a bit chillier this week than optimal Boneyard-visiting weather, since the entire place is outdoor, but try to squeeze in one last visit before the doors close forever. Keep in mind that the Boneyard is 21+ and all dogs must be spayed or neutered and not aggressive. 


In addition to a fun place for dogs and their humans to hang out, the Boneyard frequently hosted fundraisers for various animal welfare organizations. These events have raised over $45,000 for 23 different animal-centric charities to date. The Boneyard will be dearly missed by dog owners and charities alike. 

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