Owner Spotlight: Mary Wassef

Mary Wassef, Owner of Circa Real Estate, sitting on a red bench with lush landscaping in the background

Mary Wassef, Owner and Broker at Circa Real Estate, has a long and storied relationship with real estate. Since moving to Houston over 20 years ago, she has helped countless people achieve their real estate dreams and has turned her passion for the industry into a thriving brokerage located in the heart of Houston Heights. Keep reading to learn more about what got Mary started in real estate and why she still loves it more than two decades later.

An Early Interest

When Mary was a young girl living in Pennsylvania, she volunteered as a tour guide at the Historic Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster. Originally built in the 1700s, the structure was loaded with unique charm that Mary loved to point out to visitors. This experience not only sparked her interest in historic homes but also made her aware of how much she enjoyed working with others.

After attending college at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and gaining valuable experience in sales roles with gradually increasing responsibilities, Mary decided to pursue her interest in real estate. She initially worked as a Realtor® at a large national brokerage, giving her the opportunity to get to know all of Houston’s in-town and near-town neighborhoods. The historic and luxury homes of the Heights eventually became her specialties.

Going Out on Her Own

With the foundations for excellent customer service, negotiation, and finance already well-laid, and equipped with knowledge of the real estate industry and the city of Houston, Mary decided in 2011 that it was time for a new challenge. She founded Circa Real Estate as a full-service real estate agency serving Houston and near-town areas. Currently, her team consists of over 30 real estate professionals, all of whom share her unwavering passion for Houston and all it has to offer. The agency takes a lot of pride in being an active member of the community, and the highly sought-after location of Circa Real Estate’s office on historic 19th Street in the iconic Harold’s building has allowed the team to work incredibly closely with local businesses, artists, and non-profits.

A lot has happened in the past decade or so since Circa Real Estate opened its doors, including several recognitions from organizations like PR News. In 2018, Circa Real Estate placed in the Top Three in the country for “Most Engaged Brand” and in the Top Ten in the nation for “Best Digital Marketing Campaign < $100,000.” To rank among high-profile brands like Microsoft, Dreamworks, and HP was a phenomenal honor.

Sold in the Heights in June 2020, 1908 Decatur Street, also known as the historic Valentine House, exudes charm and character.

Curiosity Matters

There is always something to learn in real estate, especially if you’re inquisitive. Mary is often pleased by the little unexpected facts she learns from historic homes about Houston’s rich history. Over the years, little tidbits of knowledge like this have transformed her into an expert in historic homes in the Greater Heights and beyond.

As a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist who keeps up with home trends in the city, Mary also knows how to market luxury homes to sell. In fact, her expertise as a consultant is often sought by builders and investors constructing the latest modern Houston homes. She’s always happy to lend her talents in interior design and staging to her non-commercial clients, as well!

Mary has been in the Top 1% of all Realtors® in Houston for more than 10 years due to a combination of her business savvy, curiosity, and ambition to always provide the best service to her clients. She only sees the future of Circa Real Estate, and Houston real estate in general, growing brighter and brighter.