New Year, New Goals

2023 written in the sand

It’s a new year, and for many, that means it’s time for new goals. Whether you’ve broken your goals down into super-manageable chunks or you have one big objective for the entire year, it takes work to stick to your resolutions. Fortunately, resources such as the Internet, local businesses, and personal connections can make your journey more bearable.

So, what are the most popular resolutions for 2023? Let’s take a look and then explore how visiting the Heights can make it that much easier to stay on track.

The Most Popular Resolutions

Is one of the following New Year’s resolutions on your list? If so, you’re not alone. According to Statista, there were some significant trends in New Year’s resolutions this year:

  • Exercise more – 52%
  • Eat healthier – 50%
  • Lose weight – 40%
  • Save more money – 39%
  • Spend more time with family and friends – 37%
  • Spend less time on social media – 20%
  • Reduce stress at work – 19%
  • Reduce spending on living expenses – 19%

Improving physical, financial, and mental health certainly seem to be priorities. Interestingly, improving the environment did not make Statista’s list, but approximately 10% of respondents wanted to become a vegan or vegetarian. 

Building new habits, maintaining discipline, and finding the right resources can be challenging. Luckily, there are tons of businesses in the Heights and surrounding neighborhoods that can help you achieve your goals. 

In addition to these businesses providing amazing services, bringing your business to local stores lets you put money back into your own community. So, consider sharing the love locally.

The Shops on 19th Street

If some of your resolutions include giving back to yourself, keep these 19th Street shops in mind for some inspiration!


According to Statista’s report, nearly 1 in 5 people say they would like to reduce stress at work. Unfortunately, stress at work can easily enter the home (and vice versa). Engage in some self-care when you can. You deserve a break!

The NOW Massage Studio

The luxurious oasis at the NOW provides rejuvenating services like Swedish-inspired massages to help clients heal their bodily tensions and recharge. Guests can add enhancements to their massages such as herbal heat therapy, calm balms, fresh eyes, deep tissue, scalp renewal, and others. The atmosphere at the NOW is warm and minimalist, with soothing design elements reminiscent of nature. If one of your goals is to restore your body, why not treat yourself to a great massage?

Visit the NOW at 373 West 19th Street.

Retail Therapy

If you’re one of the Americans looking to ditch screen time and get out in the community, a little retail therapy couldn’t hurt. Bring a friend or family member to make the outing even more fun. Carrying items while you walk around can also make for a great workout!

Emerson Rose

Timeless, fashionable apparel is what Emerson Rose is best known for. They also sell home goods and gifts such as pet products, pillows, books, mugs, and more. This fun Heights store constantly refreshes its inventory, so every visit can lead to an interesting discovery. 

Visit at 350 West 19th Street.


Jubilee sells everything from boots and clothing to home goods, gifts, and bath and beauty items. If you’re in search of chic apparel for yourself or a unique gift for someone else, this shop has a lot to offer. If you’re prioritizing your fitness this year, consider rewarding yourself with a trip to Jubilee when you hit meaningful milestones.

Stop by at 325 West 19th Street.

Manready Mercantile

Manready offers a little bit of everything and merchandise rotates frequently. Several items are even homemade, so shoppers can feel good about supporting small business. Image Source: Manready Mercantile Instagram

Men, you don’t have to be left out of retail therapy! Manready Mercantile curates goods just for men, and if you’re searching for something to reduce the stress in your life, they’ve got you covered. In addition to selling clothing and homeware, Manready sells an assortment of bath and body products, candles, fragrances, and other wares. You can even schedule an appointment to learn how to craft your own candles. Sometimes it’s refreshing to engage in an activity and learn something new!

Check out the shop at 321 West 19th Street Suite B.

Big Blue Whale

Let out that inner child at Big Blue Whale! Bring a friend or two and browse through the store’s selection of toys for all ages. While you’re there, you may even reminisce about the old days before so much of our time was spent in front of screens. More play can reduce stress, and you may even find an interesting buy that helps you stay active.

Head on over to the store at 237 West 19th Street to check it out.


Stretch those legs and get moving at a studio directly on 19th Street like:

Other places in the Heights to go to break a sweat include:

At Facet Seven, gym-goers work on six core areas of fitness including flexibility, agility, core, endurance, toning, and strength to reach the seventh and ultimate level: Complete fitness. Image Source: Facet Seven Instagram

You might feel sore after you visit these Heights gyms, but you’ll be proud you went!

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