Local Artist Finds Inspiration in Heights Homes

Local Artist Finds Inspiration in Heights Homes

Local designer Dalia Rihani has been surprising Heights residents lately. mailing them postcards decorated with her beautifully rendered illustrations of their homes. Inspired by the architectural landscape of the neighborhood, Rihani started drawing homes she found interesting or appealing just for fun, intending to complete one illustration per week. The project took on a life of its own, and Rihani been drawing more homes than planned, even taking commissions from homeowners who heard about her work and wanted an illustration of their own. 


After finishing an illustration, Rihani has it printed onto a postcard and shares it with the homeowner, who are frequently unaware that she had been drawing their house. Rihani now sells 12×12 prints of her work, which has gained momentum thanks to Instagram and the always-strong interest in the Heights housing market. 


Because there are so many historic homes restored with painstaking attention to detail in the Heights, this area is particularly appealing for Rihani’s purposes. She’s had a great deal of interest in her prints, thanks to the special pride Heights homeowners take in their historic homes. There’s even been talk of a coffee table book of Rihani’s illustrations, which would be a big hit at any of the small boutiques lining 19th Street. 


To see more of Rahani’s work, find her on Instagram (user name drahani12) or visit her portfolio at the link below. 

For more information, please visit: https://dribbble.com/drihani12

Source: http://swamplot.com/the-local-designer-drawing-your-heights-area-house-and-then-mailing-you-a-copy/2