How to Trade Halloween Candy

             Halloween is right around the corner, and I hope you’ve already started stocking up for the barrage of trick-or-treaters who are currently in last-minute training for October 31st.

            If you are a parent with a sweet tooth, this guide to trading candy may come in useful to you.  If not, I’m including some tips on favorite candies to give out in order to avoid the late-night Halloween TP curse.


STEP #1: Identify your trading partner.

·         Children under 5 are legally protected.  Kids between the ages of 5-7 are allowed a 30 second trade back grace period.

·         If you have friends or kids with allergies, these are ideal trading partners.

·         Figure out your opponent’s candy affinity.  Candy can be divided into 3 types: nut/crunch, fillings, and fruit/sours.  A common strategy is to pretend you are a Fruit/sours lover and then trade Smarties for a Snickers.

STEP #2: Organization and presentation.

·         Group loose candy (ie. candy corns) with your spare pennies.  They are equally worthless.

·         Opened or torn packages fall under “pre-existing condition,” and although their value is decreased, they cannot be excluded from trading.

·         Dum Dums must be traded as a complete set, not divided by flavor.

·         Hide Mary Janes, Laffy Taffy and bubble gum under a pile of Whoppers and Goobers.  Trade the whole pile for a Charleston Chew or greater.

·         Butterfingers, Almond Joys, and Mounds must be set aside for the Parent Tax.  There is talk of repealing the Parent Tax, however, it has yet to be mandated.

STEP #3:  Trading strategies.

·         Avoid anyone who suggests dumping all the candy out in a pile and rationing based on hunger.  They are likely a Marxist.

·         Whatever you choose, remember that pixie sticks, Twizzlers, and Smarties are your work horses.

·         5th Avenue is always more valuable than 100 Grand.

I found an interesting poll online of kids surveyed about their favorite types of candy.  Younger kids do not necessarily like the same kind as teenagers, so keep this in mind when handing out treats.

Faves of Young Kids:                                             Faves of Older Kids:

1.  Reese’s                                                                 1.  Reese’s

2.  Candy Necklaces                                            2.  Hershey Bar

3.  Swedish Fish                                                        3.  Nestle Crunch

4.  Skittles                                                                   4.  Mr. Goodbar

5.  M&Ms                                                                   5.  Twizzlers

            Have a safe and Happy Halloween, and if you’d like to hand out candy from a new front porch, give me a call at 713-398-8719.

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