Grow Your Garden with Bungalow Blooms

The flowers are in bloom, and Houstonians are hitting their gardens in droves! However, if you’ve got a black thumb, you may not be so excited. That’s okay! Alex Lekometros at Bungalow Blooms has your back with a variety of leafy services that will have your garden looking beautiful in no time. Her business also offers fresh flowers and unique options for your next get-together. Keep reading to learn more about this blossoming Heights business!

About Bungalow Blooms 

When Alex first moved to her 1920s bungalow in the historic Houston Heights, she built a couple of raised bed gardens. Her love for the hobby soon led her to build over a dozen raised bed gardens in total. With that many raised beds, it’s tough not to gain a ton of experience in how to keep plants healthy and looking gorgeous. Like any avid gardener, she enjoyed giving away the fruits of her labors and quickly became a source of knowledge for friends and family. “There’s nothing I love more than sharing the magic of gardening,” she says on her website. Her skill with plants led her to start up Bungalow Blooms, where she offers horticultural services primarily in the Houston area.

Gardening Consulting  

Not sure about how to plan or build your garden? Do pests keep destroying your lovely work? Alex can help. Whether the garden of your dreams contains walls of fragrant flowers or simply a few vegetable patches, Bungalow Blooms can assist you in getting everything just right. There’s so much more to gardening than simply putting plants in the ground – there’s a science to it that most people don’t consider. Alex takes the mystery out of growing a beautiful garden so you can enjoy your plants now and learn proper techniques for seasons to come. 

Custom Planting Parties  

Outdoor get-togethers are always popular, but when was the last time you went to a planting party? We would bet that it wasn’t recently. The planting parties offered by Bungalow Blooms provide a unique way to spend quality time with your friends and family and learn a little bit about horticulture. Plus, you get to take home a wonderful little plant or two! Choose from herbs, flowers, and even houseplants. 

Alex Lekometros of Bungalow Blooms holding a box of flowers
Alex Lekometros of Bungalow Blooms

Fresh Flowers Galore

Alex is an incredibly prolific gardener; she has to do something with all those flowers! Every week, Bungalow Blooms offers fresh bouquets. From field to vase, these colorful blossoms will put a smile on your face. To find out when you can pick one up, keep an eye on the Bungalow Blooms Instagram page.

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