Greetings from Houston!

Greetings from Houston!

If you haven’t driven down White Oak in a while, you may not have seen the beautiful mural that graces the external wall of Gelazzi. The mural’s bright colors and retro aesthetic have led it to quickly become a favorite of photographers from all over town. Houston-based artist Daniel Anguilu created the work of art based on the style of 1970’s post cards. It features many elements chosen to symbolize our fair city, including an oil derrick, space ship, a cactus, and a Texas flag. 


The mural faces the sidewalk on the eastern side of the Gelazzi building, visible on your left if you are driving down White Oak toward Heights Boulevard. You may likely have to wait in line for a few minutes to get a picture in front of it, since there are usually at least a few people there to check it out. The sun hits the colorful wall to best advantage in the morning, so if you’re a shutterbug looking for a good shot of the mural, plan your visit early. 


Once you’ve taken a moment to admire the mural, don’t forget to pop into Gelazzi for a scoop of homemade, authentic Italian gelato, a cannoli, or a slice of pizza. You’ll be very glad you did! Gelazzi recently started selling deep dish pizza from Connie’s in Chicago, so it’s a good option for your deep dish fix if you aren’t able to visit the Windy City as often as you’d like. Gelazzi is located at 3601 White Oak. 

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Source: 365 Things in Houston