Decorating For Autumn

     Autumn is my favorite time of year.  We finally get a break from the sweltering heat, the air starts to smell fresher, the sky turns the most beautiful shade of blue, and the holidays are right around the corner.

     Since our weather allows a longer autumn in Houston than most of the rest of the world, decorating for the season can work from now until well into December.  Here are some ideas that I’ve come across in staging homes for sale over the years.

     Whether you’ve got a Craftsman or a Creole, you’ve got a beautiful porch to work with.  Small pumpkins keep well.  Spread a few around with some potted flowers, or put three on a post and create a topiary.  Plant jewel-toned flowers in your beds, such as mums in orange, red, yellow, and purple.   Place a couple of dark-stained wicker chairs on your porch with outdoor throw pillows in fall colors.  If you’ve got a larger yard, you can even use a hay bale with some pumpkins scattered around.

Traditional Landscape by Framingham Photographers Mary Prince

     Bring nature to the indoors  – use leaves in new and creative ways.   I saw an idea on that I thought was really nice.  Get a hurricane lamp with a true holder for the candle in the middle.  Fill the space between the two holders with fallen leaves, and light.  Now you’ve got a fall centerpiece!

     In the kitchen, decorate with seasonal color, and include some bistro decor to give it a slightly rustic feel.  Throw in a couple of baby pumpkins and a cinnamon-flavored scentsy or candle to complete the mood.

     Of course, if you’re thinking about selling your house and need some tips on how to get it picture-perfect, give me a call.  I’d love to help you.


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