Welcome to the Heights, M-K-T!

If you’ve been in the Heights lately, you’ve probably seen some construction. Well, find your good sneakers and get ready to shop, because M-K-T, a massive mixed-use development in the Heights, has finished its core construction and will soon be ready for eager visitors!

Located at 600 North Shepherd Drive, M-K-T has just begun its tenant build-outs. Here are some of the businesses who will be filling the space of this massive, modern location:

  • Anjouil’s
  • Burdlife
  • Common Assembly
  • Da Gama Canteen
  • Decode
  • Elite Meals
  • Flower Vault
  • Focus Refined Eye Care
  • Heights Ice House
  • Homestead Kitchen & Bar
  • Honeychild’s Sweet Creams
  • Huemn
  • June & Co.
  • La La Land Kind Cafe
  • Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market
  • Miller Grossbard Advisors
  • Pedego Electric Bikes
  • Rakkan Ramen
  • Rishi Hospitality
  • Semper Laser
  • SmartVault
  • SMYL Dentistry
  • Tight Squeeze Juice Bar
  • Treadwell
  • Union Studio Yoga
  • XCL Resources, LLC.  

Not all businesses will open on the same date, however. Semper Laser is slated to open in March of 2021, for example, while other businesses are expected to open during the spring or at some point early in 2021. A handful of businesses are even expected to open this fall, so if you’ve got your eye on one, be on the lookout for updates.

M-K-T is expected to become a vibrant, laid-back place to shop and dine, and it will provide needed jobs to the community, as well. Houston is full of amazing large-scale shopping centers, and now the Heights will be home to one of its own! We’re pumped, to say the least.

Image Credit: TK Images

Foodies will love that M-K-T plans to continue the legacy of diverse Houston restaurants. Rakkan Ramen, for example, is a Japanese restaurant famous for its vegetable-based broths and is set to open its Heights-based outpost in the spring. 

Also involved in the M-K-T Heights development project are improvements to the Heights Hike and Bike trail north of M-K-T, and they’re pretty exciting for trail enthusiasts. Custom lighting, upgraded landscaping, a wave deck, a yoga-dedicated lawn, and a hammock grove are among a few things to look forward to. And really, isn’t a hammock grove exactly what we all need right now?

Overall, M-K-T contains 100,000 square feet of office space, 100,000 square feet of creative retail space, and an impressively-sized greenspace. 

Even though many stores and offices aren’t yet open, you can still drop by to take a peek at the location’s fabulous design. Let us know what you think of M-K-T Heights!