Verts Kebap

If you’ve ever spent much time in Europe, you’ve probably noticed the ubiquitous doner kebap stands, selling cheap fast food kebap sandwiches to hungry and busy shoppers. If you got around to trying one, you also know that doner kebaps are delicious, addictive, and unfortunately almost impossible to find in the US. This Turkish export fast food delicacy consists of thinly shaved meat cut from a rotating skewer and placed on a flat sandwich bread along with crisp veggies and delectable toppings like tzatizki and spicy chili sauce. We are extremely excited to learn that Austin-based eatery Verts Kebap will be expanding to Houston in 2014 with four locations, including one right here in the Heights on Yale just south of I-10. Verts is beloved by those in the know for their tasty and health-conscious doner kebaps, each weighing in at under 550 calories even with bread and sauce. Diners can choose from traditional kebap sandwiches, wraps, and a salad bowl, each with your choice of beef/lamb combination meat, chicken, or vegetarian, and myriad sauces and veggies. If you’re going for Berlin-style authenticity, go for the lamp and beef. You won’t regret it, trust us.


Verts is owned and operated by two Germans, Michael Heyne and Dominik Stein, who moved to Texas for college and were disappointed by the lack of German-style doner kebabs. While earning their MBSs at UT, the pair opened a Berlin-style doner kebap restaurant in Austin and have expanded rapidly. They have signed leases for four stores in Houston and will expand to Dallas in the future. Construction on the Houston stores begins at the end of the month and opening dates have not been announced yet but will be sometime between March and May. Whenever opening day for the Heights location turns out to be, look for us in the line at the grand opening!

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