Top Neighborhoods to Say “Cheers!” In

Two hands hold two beer glasses in a cheers

One thing is for sure: Houston has a lot of establishments that sell alcohol. More than 5,200 liquor licenses are active in Harris County! However, some neighborhoods have more liquor licenses than others. If you want to spend an evening bar-hopping, you’re going to want to visit a neighborhood that’s guaranteed to carry all your boozy favorites. These three neighborhoods have the most liquor licenses in Houston and are the perfect places to go to party.


Have you wandered through Montrose lately? Its nightlife scene seems to grow daily. It has become well-known for its hip art galleries, skyline views, and cultural attractions, and the community is a fantastic place to go to enjoy an adult beverage too. In fact, Houston Chronicle recently revealed that Montrose carries 224 liquor licenses!

The next time you’re in Montrose, think about ordering a wine, cocktail, or beer from one of these bars with 4+ stars on Google:

  • Anvil
  • Poison Girl
  • Present Company
  • Boondocks
  • Bar No. 3
  • Catbirds
  • La Grange
  • Refuge
  • Griff’s
  • 93’ Till
  • T.K. Bitterman’s
  • Southern Yankee Crafthouse
  • Pistolero’s
  • Light Years
  • Montrose Cheese and Wine
  • Camerata at Paulie’s
  • West Alabama Ice House
  • The Phoenix on Westheimer
  • Brasil
  • Nobie’s
  • Vinoteca Poscol
  • Katz’s
  • Tonight & Tomorrow
  • BB’s Tex Orleans
  • Bistro Menil
  • Rosie Cannonball
  • Traveler’s Table
  • Demeris Bar-B-Q
  • Slick Willies Family Pool Hall
  • Riel
  • Sorrento
With the abundance of liquor licenses in this city, it’s not hard to find a spot where you can sip a mimosa with brunch. Order us this selection from Tonight & Tomorrow! Source: Instagram


If you happen to be in Uptown when you get that text asking if you’d like to have a few drinks, you might do well to convince your friends to come to you. Uptown came in second place for neighborhoods with the most liquor licenses. With 218 establishments that legally sell booze, you’ve got many options.

Uptown is also a fantastic place to visit when you’re not drinking. As a major shopping destination, it’s home to The Galleria, a huge retail complex, and Uptown Park, an open-air shopping center with restaurants that serve cuisine from all over the globe.

Grab a beer at these standouts the next time you’re in the neighborhood:

  • Maauve
  • Moxie’s Houston Restaurant
  • Ducky McShweeney’s
  • Fig & Olive Tasting Kitchen & Bar
  • Uptown Lounge
  • 51fifteen Cuisine & Cocktail
  • Jake’s Sports Bar
  • The Daily Grill
  • JOEY Uptown
  • White Oak Kitchen + Drinks
  • Post Oak Ice House
  • Post Oak Grill
  • Giorgio’s
  • Belvedere
  • Postino Uptown Park
  • H Bar
  • Stella’s
  • La Reserve Whiskey Lounge
Planning a lunch date? JOEY Uptown provides a warm, casual experience in its massive open-concept dining room. The patio is even equipped with an outdoor bar for ultimate convenience. Source: Instagram

The Heights

Perhaps unsurprisingly to those who know this neighborhood well, the Heights boasts #3 on Houston Chronicle’s list of neighborhoods with the most liquor licenses. At the time of writing, the Heights contained a whopping 196 establishments that sell alcohol. If you’ve got an active social life or simply have a passion for creative concoctions, know that the Heights will keep you busy.

The Heights is also a top spot to visit to check out local art, historic homes and classic architecture, antique and clothing shops, and more. 19th Street is full of shops and restaurants, so it’s easy to follow up a day of shopping with an evening spent clinking glasses. The Heights Hike and Bike Trail is a fantastic place to go the day after a night out to refresh and rejuvenate.

Feel like meeting someone to catch up over drinks? Punch these highly-rated locations into your Google Maps:

  • Eight Row Flint
  • Kanpai Club
  • Johnny’s Gold Brick
  • Heights Bier Garten
  • Lei Low
  • Worcester’s Annex
  • Wicklow Heights
  • The Post Beer & Wine Garden
  • Public House Heights
  • Tikila’s
  • The Shiloh Club
  • Bungalow Heights
  • Better Luck Tomorrow
  • Permission
  • The Ready Room
  • Postino Heights
  • McIntyre’s
  • Moonshine Deck
  • We Olive & Wine Bar
  • Harold’s Restaurant, Bar, & Rooftop Terrace
  • Bobcat Teddy’s Icehouse
  • D & T Drive Inn
  • Space Cowboy
  • Little Woodrow’s Heights
  • Rose Garden
  • Cedar Creek Bar & Grill
  • RE:HAB Bar on the Bayou
  • Providence
  • Drift
  • Dan Electro’s Bar
  • Shady Acres Saloon
  • Mutiny Wine Room
  • The Tall Texan II
  • Christian’s Tailgate Bar & Grill
  • Onion Creek Coffeehouse, Bar, & Lounge
  • Cork & Tap
  • Crisp
  • Savoir
  • Cantina Barba
  • Alice Blue
  • Mastrantos
  • King’s BierHaus
  • Benny Thunders
  • Field & Tides
  • La Lucha
  • Hughie’s N’Main

Brewery and cidery fans are also in for a treat when they stop by the Heights. This neighborhood is home to numerous businesses that are always crafting something unique and fresh:

  • New Magnolia Brewing
  • Elder Son Brewing Company
  • Eureka Heights Brew Company
  • Turkey Forrest Brewing
  • Houston Cider Company
Get a load of this happy hour spread from Harold’s Restaurant, Bar, & Rooftop Terrace. Share these beautiful boards or keep them to yourself – no judgment here! Source: Instagram

A Quick Note on Density

Although Montrose, Uptown, and the Heights are all packed with establishments that offer liquor, it’s worth noting that these neighborhoods do not have the highest density of such licenses. This means that depending on where you want to go, there’s a chance you may need to take an Uber between stops or endure some foot travel. Some people enjoy spending time in neighborhoods they have to walk around in so they have more time to sober up and appreciate their surroundings. It’s all about preference!

Wherever you tip your glass, we hope you have a fabulous and safe time!