Hello, Brewston! Our Top 8 Local Breweries

Houston enjoys pretty gorgeous weather in April and May, and it’s an ideal time to sit outside sipping a beer from your favorite local brewery. Luckily, you’ve got several to choose from within the Heights or just a few minutes further afield! Houston is home to some fantastic microbreweries, and many of them don’t distribute to grocery or liquor stores, so the brewery is the only place to enjoy them. Here are a few of our favorites.

St. Arnold’s

The most well-known and largest of the Houston breweries, St. Arnold’s has a large indoor beer hall where you can bring your own food or non-alcoholic beverages, or buy food and beer on-site. Their burgers are pretty killer, and if there are kids in your group, they’re okay with that. The tables go fast on Saturdays due to people claiming big spaces for birthday parties, etc, so get their before opening time and stand in line for a few minutes, or bring folding chairs and set up shop in the open space part of the beer fall. St. Arnold’s most popular brews include Lawnmower, a German style Kolsch, Amber Ale, and super-hoppy Art Car IPA. They also serve a delicious non-alcoholic root beer and a wide rotation of seasonal and specialty beers.


Karbach Brewery started small and moved to a beautiful new facility last year, including and delicious indoor restaurant. Karbach beers are available in local stores, but it’s just more fun to enjoy one right where it was brewed. In addition to their ever-popular Weiss Versa, Hopadilla, and Karbachtoberfest brews, the brewery just debuted a refreshing Blood Orange Shandy with a mimosa vibe, perfect for people who aren’t generally big beer drinkers. Karbach is located at 2032 Karbach St.

Eureka Heights

While it’s still the new kid on the block, Eureka Heights has already amassed quite a following. The taproom features a variety of styles of beer from IPA to stout to flavored shandies, so there’s something to please everybody. You can also enjoy trivia nights, playing games like Foosball and corn hole, and grab dinner at a food truck. Eureka Heights is located at 941 W 18th Street.

Buffalo Bayou


Located right in the middle of the city, Buffalo Bayou is a hidden gem. Their notable beers include More Cowbell, an IPA with a 9% ABV punch, Great White Buffalo witbier, and their 1836 “Copper Ale,” which defies categorization and combined properties of many different kinds of brewing styles. Seating is all outdoor, so pack sunscreen and try to visit on a nice day. The brewery is only open on Friday from 5-9 and Saturday from 12-3. Buffalo Bayou Brewery is located at 5301 Nolda Street.

Great Heights Brewing Company

Located in Garden Oaks, Great Heights Brewing Company is the passion project of a group of friends who decided to ditch the 9-5 and start their own brewery instead. Our favorite is the So Inclined Saison, but there are lots of varieties to choose from. Kids are welcome in the indoor, air conditioned taproom, and dogs are allowed on the patio. Since the brewery is still getting established, you can’t buy their beers in cans or bottles yet, but you can enjoy them on tap or get a growler to take home. Great Heights is located at 938 Wakefield.

Eighth Wonder

Sports fans haven’t lived until they’ve visited this tribute to Houston sports. The name Eighth Wonder refers to the Astrodome, which is featured prominently on the company logo. The beers are inspired by the city, and year round varieties include Dome Faux’m cream ale, Houston IPA, and Weisstheimer hefeweizen. We’re partial to the Rocket Fuel Vietnamese coffee porter, offered only in the colder months. The indoor part of the brewery is decorated with memorabilia from Houston sports teams, and the outdoor space offers a chance for kids to run around and features a rotating cast of food trucks. Eighth Wonder is located at 2202 Dallas Street just outside Downtown.

Holler Brewery

Holler Brewery offers an indoor climate controlled taproom as well as a dog-friendly patio. Food trucks are on site most Thursday-Saturday nights. Holler beers are served on tap at restaurants around Houston but not distributed in stores. The tap list is constantly changing, so you never know which of the dozen or so varieties Holler currently produces you’ll find on any given day. There are tons of brews in “retirement” that may be produced again one day. We’re pulling for the Coconut Prime to be resurrected, but of the current brews in rotation, we’re partial to the Dollar Pils Y’all. Holler Brewery is located at 2206 Edwards Street.

Town in City Brewery

Claiming the designation of the Height’s oldest craft brewery, Town in City gets its name from the frequent comment that the Heights is like a small town inside a big city. The beers are inspired by the brewers’ life experiences, travels, and the city of Houston, of course. Their beers include White Linen IPA, 19th Street IPA, and White Oak Wit, among several others. The taproom hosts trivia nights with Geeks Who Drink, and that’s our favorite time to visit. Children and fur babies are welcome. The tap room is open Wednesday through Sunday. Town in City is located at 1125 W. Calvalcade.