The Sagittarian Home

We’ve all got a Sagittarian in our lives. They’re optimistic, adventurous, and not afraid to try something new. When we saw these houses, we were reminded of the Sagittarians we know. Maybe something about them will resonate with you too!

730 Allston Street

730 Allston Street exterior
730 Allston Street, for sale at time of posting.

Sagittarius isn’t afraid of exploring the unknown – in this case, the unknown being a new construction home. In fact, they’d delight in being the first to enjoy it. They’re fun decorators and always thrilled to put their own stamp on everything they touch. This home is currently for sale, so it’s a perfect opportunity for the Saggies out there.

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28221 Woodland Bend

At time of posting, this home was under contract. Contact Circa Real Estate to find a similar home near you!

One thing Sagittarius hates: feeling boxed in. They need wide open spaces to feel free to be themselves and, well, open up. 28221 Woodland Bend includes tons of floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal the great outdoors, which would be a relief for our Sagittarius friends.

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1001 Bayland Avenue

1001 Bayland Avenue
1001 Bayland Avenue, for sale at time of posting.

Fear of sticking out? Nah. Sagittarius is all about doing things differently – sometimes it leaves people scratching their heads, but sometimes you end up with a gorgeous façade like the one on this home at 1001 Bayland Avenue. The interior of the home is absolutely stunning but perhaps not what you would expect from a home that pops so much on the outside. The inside of this home gives off warm, charming, and calm vibes with its emphasis on built-ins, grey, cream, and wooden design elements, and historic detail spread throughout the home. Like this house, Sagittarians may not be what you expect from the outside!

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5630 Auden Street

The study located inside 5630 Auden Street, for sale at time of posting.

Few horoscope signs love to write more than the Sagittarius. These folks are big balls of energy on the exterior, and that often translates well to their rich inner world. You’ll often find a Sagittarius with their nose in a book or dreaming of writing the next award-winning fantasy novel. The traditional study in 5630 Auden Street would be the perfect place for your Sagittarian friend to work on plotting their latest book or simply to read in peace.

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709 East 13th 1/2 Street

The kitchen at 709 East 13th 1/2 Street
709 East 13th 1/2 Street, under contract at time of posting.

Sagittarius likes to travel. It’s a fact. But at 709 East 13th ½ Street, they’re going one place: the kitchen. Look at this beauty! You can enter through the butler’s pantry, enjoy custom-built cabinetry with soft-closing drawers, eat a whole meal on this Carrara top island, and fit all of the food in that beautiful fridge. Then again, who are we kidding? Our Sagittarius friends can’t sit still – they’ll walk the whole house with a bowl of cereal. We love them, anyway!

Try Not to Spill Milk on the Floors