Tech Boom Benefits Houston Housing

It comes as no surprise that one of the biggest drivers of a strong housing market is a booming job market. Anytime a city has a booming economy with plentiful employment opportunities in growing industries, new residents flock there to take advantage of the hot job market, giving the housing market a boost in the process. According to a new survey by IT staffing services provider Modis, Houston is one of five major cities with housing markets on the verge of a boom due to an abundance of tech jobs.

Houston ranked number two on the list, behind Chicago and ahead of Boston, Denver, and Philadelphia. Survey respondents expected Houston to attract a range of would-be tech workers, from those who haven’t completed college to experienced workers with ten or more years in their field.

Chicago is expected to attract a younger crowd of tech workers with fewer than five years’ experience. Boston can also expect an influx of young workers between 26-34.

In addition to the cities ranked in the top five, Dallas, Detroit, and Omaha are also up-and-coming housing markets that can expect a boost from jobs in the tech industry.


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