Tea-time at Alice Blue? Yes, Please!

Confession time! We never really outgrew our childhood love of tea parties. Luckily, Alice Blue has us covered with their new-ish afternoon tea service. While it’s not exactly traditional British-style high tea (some of the teas are (*gasp*) flavored, and there’s no clotted cream in sight), Alice Blue puts on quite a spread, including a variety of savory fancy sandwiches and pastries.

There are only a handful of places in Houston offering afternoon tea, and Alice Blue is pretty reasonably priced at $25 per person. (For comparison purposes, high tea at the Hotel Granduca and the St. Regis, our previous favorite places for afternoon tea, will run you 2-3 times that much.) That will get you one tea selection and a huge assortment of sweet and savory nibbles, which are served in small portions but numerous enough that you’ll be glad to have skipped lunch. Our faves were the shrimp sandwiches and blueberry scones.

Inside Alice Blue. Source: Yelp

Afternoon tea is served from 2-5 pm Monday through Friday, and reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance. Peruse the menu and make reservations on Alice Blue’s website. We’re thrilled to have such a yummy afternoon pick-me-up right down 19th Street from the office and enjoy our afternoon tea without the hassle of mandatory valet parking or fighting Galleria traffic. Pinkies up, ladies!