Stretch it Out at These Heights Yoga Spots

Having Fun At Yoga

Getting a good stretch feels so dang good! And when you don’t want to say “namaste at home” to workout, it’s important to find a location where you feel safe and supported by the best of the best. The next time you’re looking to practice your poses, check out these Heights yoga spots. 

Black Swan Yoga

This popular destination is a donation-based, heated yoga studio. This is the spot for all the heat lovers out there! All yoga practices and styles are honored here, and participants are encouraged (but not required) to contribute $10 – $20 for the privilege of attending class. You can also sign up for an $88 monthly membership – ideal for the ultra-active yogi. Membership also comes with exclusive discount perks, and we can all agree that there’s plenty to love about that. 

Don’t live in the Heights? No problem. Black Swan Yoga has locations in Midtown, West University, and the Heights. Travelers will be interested to know that Black Swan Yoga has locations in Austin, Houston, Denver, Dallas, and San Antonio – and yes, you can use your membership in any of the cities they operate in. Some classes are even offered virtually so you can get a relaxing stretch in anywhere. Isn’t the 21st century great? However you choose to attend class, make sure to come prepared with a yoga mat, water, a towel, and a desire to work! 

Visit the Heights location at 3210 White Oak Drive.

Relaxing Sauna
What makes hot yoga so special? Among other things, it’s known for increasing flexibility, reducing stress, training your lungs, burning calories, and increasing your heart rate to improve cardiovascular health. That’s a lot of benefits!

Heights School of Yoga

This beloved studio in the heart of Houston Heights has been helping residents exercise body and mind since 2007. Their goal is to facilitate the appreciation of all areas of yoga, hence the wide variety in everyday classes available. Whether you are a beginner, a fan of gentle yoga, or really into movement with breath, there’s a class for you at Heights School of Yoga. Private lessons are also available for students who’d like a little extra help honing their skills. Classes are small and held in large spaces so you don’t have to worry about feeling cramped or unattended to. 

Fun fact: You can actually rent the studio for photoshoots, small productions, and small-scale educational events. Neat!

To check it out, head on over to 1547 Rutland Street.

The Studio BE - Heights Yoga
Do your body some good and have a great time with the amazing team at The Studio BE!

The Studio BE

Calling themselves a boutique “movement” studio, the Studio BE offers so much more than just your traditional yoga. In addition to what you’d expect, they teach classes in Pilates, strength-training, and yin. What’s yin? Think of it as slow-paced yoga with asanas that are held for longer durations. Classes are small in size for a personal touch, and the physical workout space is room temperature so you can focus on working up the heat from the inside out. The studio also offers workshops and 200 and 300-hour training programs for aspiring teachers. 

The Studio BE, located at 714 Yale Street Suite #4A, offers courses in a variety of formats, including in-person, livestream, on demand, and on YouTube.

Union Studio Yoga

Situated at 600 North Shepherd Drive Suite #449, Union Studio Yoga offers in-person and on-demand options so students can work out when it suits them. In addition to regular sessions in Vinyasa, Vin-Yin, Katonah, prenatal, hatha, and other forms of yoga, the studio offers workshops to aspiring instructors and to those interested in special topics like cancer and wellness, art, and props like yoga wheels. The studio is committed to providing a peaceful space for students to work out, meditate, and engage in self-discovery.

The science is in: the benefits of meditation aren’t just in your head. Not only can meditation reduce your levels of stress, anxiety, and age-related memory loss, but it can improve your emotional well-being, attention span, sense of self-awareness, sleep, and perception of pain. Sign us up!

Alcove Yoga

Find your refuge at Alcove Yoga, which specializes in Iyengar Yoga techniques. The studio serves students with beginner and intermediate abilities and provides specialized sessions for women, men, pregnant women, and the 50+ community. Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers are hard to come by as every teacher must be a practicing student for 3 years, apply to become a teacher, and go through a rigorous assessment by a 3-member panel which does not include the student’s own instructor. Students may attend yoga sessions in-person or through on-demand access. 

Alcove Yoga’s traditional Iyengar Yoga lessons provide a firm foundation for healing and developing an internal sense of serenity, and the unique style will definitely pique the interest of those looking for something new in their yoga regimens. The studio is located at 637 Cortlandt Street in the Heights.

Studio NiaMoves

Looking to balance your yoga lessons with other movements? Studio NiaMoves has your back. Sign up for classes like “Night Club Cardio,” jazz dance, belly dancing, and other workouts that get you moving and feeling good! If you’re in the mood for a good stretch, the studio offers strengthening and relaxing yoga lessons at least once a week. Also, attention to those planning to host an indoor event: You can reserve the studio as your venue! 


If you like variety, you’ll definitely get it here! Check out HOTWORX at 506 Yale Street #B to enjoy ultra-small classes in hot yoga or independent functional exercises like weightlifting. Members have 24-hour access to the studio’s infrared sauna. Scheduled sessions include burning workouts in Pilates, barre, bands, cycling, rowing, cardio HIIT, and more. In the functional workout space, the studio plays silent trainer videos to help guide members between steamy workouts in the sauna. HOTWORX is a global chain, but many members have raved about the health benefits of the company’s steam rooms. If you need a little extra heat in your workouts, check it out.

Every studio has its own specialty, so why not try out a few and see what you like? Be sure to let us know all about your favorites!