Stay Fit at These Heights Gyms

If you’re in the market for a new gym, the Heights is loaded with them! More than just studios filled with weights and equipment, gyms have evolved over the years, and each one has its specialties. Get your towel ready – these Heights gyms will make you sweat! 

Facet Seven Heights

Located at 2215 Lawrence Street, Facet Seven Heights has been called one of the best full-service gyms in Houston. Dedicated to helping clients achieve a lifetime of fitness, this gym focuses on what it believes are the six facets of fitness: Flexibility, core, toning, agility, endurance, and strength. The gym’s coaches each have their own unique set of skills, so you can be sure you’re working with the right trainer for your needs. 

If you’re not quite ready for a personal trainer, that’s okay! Facet Seven Heights has its very own mobile virtual fitness app to help you kickstart your goals. The studio also provides a platform for future trainers eager to learn how to build a career as a fitness coach. There’s nothing like learning from a professional currently working in your field! Scheduled courses include favorites like barre, yoga, bootcamps, cycling, and more. There’s even a physical therapist on-site should you need to schedule an appointment to discuss an injury that’s bothering you or preventing you from hitting the gym!

District H Strength & Fitness

Enjoy group training, personal training, nutrition lessons, online programs, and a variety of other services provided by District H Strength & Fitness. This gym at 1044 Studewood Street has it all. It even offers a special kids’ program to help foster trust, accountability, and confidence in children through active movement. Businesses, you can also invest in your employees by partnering with this gym to host a nutrition seminar, group fitness classes, and wellness challenges. Members participate in classes that incorporate barbells, gymnastics, weightlifting, throwing, diet, and more. Check it out for yourself!

Skyline CrossFit

For those willing to work hard to take their fitness to the next level, Skyline CrossFit at 551 North Shepherd Drive #200 has what you need. Unlike many other studios, this gym collects data on new members, which it then uses to craft a customized fitness plan just for you. Understanding details like your range of motion and body composition can be a surprising key to success in achieving your fitness goals. For example, if you aren’t flexible enough to complete a standardized workout without experiencing pain, you could hurt yourself or end up giving up on exercise out of frustration. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. If you’d prefer to just work out at home, you can take advantage of online programming at an absolute steal of a price (currently $12/month).
This isn’t the only CrossFit in the Heights area, by the way. CrossFit Greater Heights at 580 T.C. Jester Boulevard offers similar services in the Lazybrook neighborhood.

HTX FightCamp

This boxing gym nearby the North Loop has all the equipment you could ever ask for! Its cardio and resistance training program combines the art of boxing with traditional bootcamp-style workout programs to help members get a good burn. Instructors teach students all they need to know about boxing, exercise, and safety, so there’s no need to have prior experience to participate. If group classes aren’t your thing, try out personal training with one of the gym’s certified trainers. HTX FightCamp is located at 827 West 34th Street.

Elle Fitness

Women, take note: this gym is just for you! Elle Fitness aims to create an empowering, safe, and accepting environment for all female gym-goers so they can say “goodbye” to toxic gym culture and “hello” to an environment full of friendliness, supportiveness, and warmth. Not only will members enjoy the experience of working out in a judgment-free zone – they will love that their health will benefit so much more from it! When you address your health in a community full of people like you, you’re bound to connect with someone who faces similar health challenges. Having someone there to cheer you on and tell you that you can get through your toughest moments makes a big difference.

Stay fit during or after a pregnancy with special classes and services, receive one-on-one guidance in personal training, get nutrition assistance, or kick it into high-gear with circuit training. Elle Fitness is designed to feature something for all women.

Head on over to 1533 North Shepherd Drive #200 to check it out.

F45 Training Houston Heights

This gym specializes in functional training, a mix of circuit and HIIT workouts that burn calories super efficiently. Classes in cardio and resistance training build muscle to make everyday movement easier. Trainers demo each exercise so students know exactly what to do, and students receive feedback on their workouts so they get the most benefit from their exercise and don’t hurt themselves. As you might’ve guessed from the gym’s name, each functional workout takes just 45 minutes to complete.

To check F45 Training out, head over to 2522 Yale Street Suite #110.


Is your regular old workout routine not cutting it anymore? If you’re bored or stuck on a plateau, SWEAT will help you get motivated and get back on track. The studio at 725 West 18th Street provides a unique environment serviced by personable trainers with a real passion for fitness. 

Residents of River Oaks will also be pleased to know that there is a second studio on Kirby Drive! 

The workouts at SWEAT are intense, so prepare yourself ahead of time with a towel and plenty of hydration. Burn up to 1,000 calories in just a short 50-minute session. The first half of the class focuses on sprinting, climbing, and running or biking with the occasional recovery period, and the second half is spent sweating it out on the floor with weights. Each interval is quick but targeted, allowing for a full-body workout. Music lovers will also enjoy this gym! Trainers curate punchy playlists to give members a little boost to help them lift more, run faster, and endure when the burn gets intense. 

While you’ll certainly feel sore when you get home, you’ll be glad you went. Before you head out the door, cool off with a refreshing eucalyptus cold towel and a nutritious shake.