Prepare for a “Temperamental” 2020-2021 Winter Season

If you remember anything about November of 2019, you might recall that Houston was unseasonably cool. We’re used to the hot, hot heat, and many of us hadn’t dug out our sweaters just yet! If there’s anything this year has taught us, though, it’s the importance of being prepared, and winterizing calls for a bit more than taking advantage of Black Friday scarf sales. With the Farmers’ Almanac calling the 2020-2021 winter season “temperamental,” we can expect a season with some ups and downs. Here are a handful of tips to winterize your home now – before the temperatures drop!

Be Well-Supplied

Snow in Houston is a rarity, so you probably don’t need to go out and buy that shovel, but a bag of salt tucked away in your garage couldn’t hurt. Ice can coat walkways in the late fall and winter, and if your vehicle isn’t parked in a garage, your windshield could get a coating, too! Make sure you own a proper ice scraper, and to be on the safe side, keep some de-icer handy just in case your car door freezes.

Take Care of Those Windows!

We all know the toll a drafty window can take on your electric bill, but if you wait until the last minute to fix it, you might end up waiting in line. Also, the reality is, if most of your windows let in a little breeze or cold air from time to time, they’re actually letting warm air escape too. Consider replacing one or two at a time as your budget allows – every bit of energy savings helps!  Energy-efficient double or triple paned windows may cost more upfront, but they’ll pay for themselves over time. Remember, a secure window also prevents air conditioning from leaking through cracks during warmer months! If you don’t want to replace your windows right now, some simple caulking might do the trick.

Does Your Heater Work?

This is Texas, baby – we know you don’t turn the heat on often. You might not even know if it works by now! Give it a whirl. If we happen to have some uncomfortably chilly nights, you’ll wish you had. It’s also worth considering replacing your furnace filter and/or cleaning your ducts since dust and mold can build up and cause a variety of health issues, including allergies and difficulty breathing. Locals may want to call a well-regarded HVAC company like Heights A/C & Heating to see how they can help! While you’re at it, make sure the heat in your car works too. There’s nothing worse than driving to work in an icebox!

Sweep Your Gutters

Gutters are one of the most neglected parts of a roof. Before things get icy, you should really double-check yours to make sure they don’t need a cleaning. Debris that has accumulated may be enough to damage your roof on its own, and if that material later collects ice, you’ll have a serious problem on your hands. We’ve seen cases where the gutter fell clean off the roof! If you feel like telling heights “not today,” we get it. A professional roofer would be more than happy to take care of this for you if you’re not up to the task!

The days may be balmy now, but they won’t be like this forever! With more of us spending time at home than ever due to COVID-19, it’s extra important to make sure your castle is well-protected. Make sure you’re prepared and ready for a smooth-as-can-be winter!