“Pennies from Heaven” in New Houston Town Home

What is your home style?  Do mid-century modern homes catch your eye, or are you one for modern farmhouses? While you cannot go wrong with the standard-issue granite countertops and HGTV-approved shades of greige, some buyers are looking for something with a little more individuality. If you are one of those people, you have got to check out this townhouse that just hit the market in southwest Houston, near 610 and Stella Link.

You will not want to miss all the quirky custom aspects of this house!

The Goal

Realtor Tiffany Curry, who is showing the property, says, “We were not going for resale, we were going for unique. Something very different.” If different was the goal, the owners reached it, and then some!

Living room features a giant brass giraffe statue.

The Details

Described as “industrial glam,” the two-bedroom, two-bath townhouse features unexpected juxtapositions like exposed pipe combined with antique chandeliers. One entire wall was even replaced with a post office teller window, purchased on Craigslist. The teller window is fully functional and serves as a door into the master bedroom.

Dining room includes a repurposed post office teller window.

The Masterpiece

The master bedroom features the piece-de-resistance, a floor made entirely of pennies! The owners installed it themselves by hand, and it is something that you have to see to believe. The idea for a penny floor has been floating around Pinterest for several years, but most people haven’t seen one in person, and it is very striking.

“This is a three year labor of love.” says Curry, “The couple, for this home, basically put their heart and soul into it and all their personalities, which is really cool.”

Master bedroom sits on the hand laid penny floor.

The Sale

The sellers are asking for $359,000, but are open to selling the home furnished if a buyer falls in love with it as-is and cannot imagine the place without the giant brass giraffe. The property was built in 1966 and has never flooded, so it is a pretty safe bet that it will survive future hurricane seasons unscathed.

Check out video of this one of a kind home HERE!

There will be an open house on Sunday from 2:00-4:00, so if you are in the market for something different, you should go take a look! It is located at 4080 Breakwood Drive.

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