Increasing Security In The Heights

As the Heights grows both in popularity and in population, it is important to keep a keen eye on safety and your surroundings. Cue the Heights Constable Patrol Program. The Heights Patrol offers a range of amenities for residents in the community—and a few extra perks for those who subscribe (and, as it is a 100% subscription-run service, this is an important piece of the equation).

Keep reading towards the end of this article for other areas of the Greater Heights community that offer security patrol services.

Heights Constable Patrol Program

To increase security in our neighborhood, there is a Heights Constable Patrol Program that serves as a supplemental police force of four officers. This force secures the Heights neighborhood in Houston, patrolling in highly visible marked cars to deter criminal activity.

The Heights Patrol is funded by subscribers, allowing everyone to benefit from their crime-preventing presence in the neighborhood. Constables answer alarm calls and respond to Houston Police Department Precinct One dispatch, as well as perform vacation watches and conduct free home security inspections for subscribers. Like the regular police force, they are able to write tickets and make arrests.

Patrol Subscription Perks

A yearly subscription to the Heights Patrol costs $150, a small price to pay for peace of mind and quick response time. The patrol area supported by the Heights Patrol is bordered by the Katy Freeway on the South side, 610 loop on the North, Shepherd Drive on the West, and Studewood and Airline Drive on the East.

In addition, subscribers also receive a direct phone contact line for the Houston County Precinct One dispatcher for faster response times in the event of suspicious activity, and the option to request extra patrols near your home for unusual circumstances or when you are traveling.

The whole Heights neighborhood benefits from having Constables on patrol in the area, but the added benefits of a paid membership are considerable. Without subscribers, the 100% subscription-funded Heights Patrol program would not exist. All residents and local business owners are encouraged to participate. The more subscribers there are, the more Constables there can be and the safer the Heights will be. Please help keep the Heights area stay safe.

Other Areas Of Patrol

If you are in other areas near the Heights — such as the historic Woodland Heights neighborhood, Timbergrove, or Cottage Grove, there are other security patrol options for you.

Woodland Heights

For the past 6 years, the Woodland Heights Civic Association has managed its own patrol program, also serviced by Harris County Precinct One. A 100% subscription-based service, neighbors in the area can opt in for additional services such as vacation checks, home security checks, crime alerts, and a special dial-in to the Precinct One Constable Dispatch.


For neighbors residing in Timbergrove Manor, there is a Neighborhood Security Patrol active to provide vacation watch, warnings to solicitors, security response, alarm response, and a home security review for all subscribers.

Cottage Grove

If you live in Cottage Grove, you are well on your way to getting your own patrol security service. The community is currently and actively seeking support from residents to start up its own program. If initiated, the program would include security signage, emergency response, dedicated patrol office (with a K-9 unit and the authority to arrest), and vacation watch services.

Photo provided by Cottage Grove Community.

Coffee With A Cop

Interested in learning more about the crime and safety statistics in your neighborhood? You’re in luck. Every Tuesday during the month of August, Harold’s Restaurant & Tap Room hosts “Coffee With A Cop,” where you can meet and greet with officers from Houston’s Police Department and ask them any questions you’d like.

This is a wonderful opportunity to thank your local heroes, learn about what they do to serve your neighborhood, address your concerns—and, of course, try out the amazing coffee and breakfast options at Harold’s.

ONE CHANCE LEFT! August 29th will be the last chance to take advantage of this great community event at Harold’s Restaurant on 19th Street. Be there next Tuesday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am to get Coffee With A Cop.


Featured photo: Deputy David Vest, Woodland Heights. Source: Woodland Heights Association Website.