A Look Back At The Most Popular Home Designs of 2019

Happy 2020, y’all! Home design during the 2010s was pretty exciting. You might be considering which design trends will stick and where to go from here to keep your pad looking fresh. After all, the decade witnessed a bevy of home trends including everything from flashy custom glass chandeliers to rose gold-themed everything. Look no further for end-of-decade standouts for 2020 home design inspo!

415 W. 23rd Street sold in 2018 and featured some gorgeous lighting!

Statement Light Fixtures

There’s nothing quite like walking into a beautifully lit space! Naturally bright spaces always impress, but statement light fixtures dominated Houston home design during 2019. These high-watt wonders have even made their way into some ornately-decorated bathrooms! We’re certain this trend isn’t changing in 2020.

White Color Scheme

Some may say that the all-white design trend that took over interior design during 2019 was a bit reminiscent of a doctor’s office, but we’re pleased to tell you that when done right, this style shouldn’t remind you of antiseptic. Adding pops of color, texture, or finish can make an all-white color scheme explode with character. Best of all, every item that pops has been cherry-picked by you, so you get to choose what stands out and what blends in.

701 Columbia Street, sold in 2019, glowed with classic, custom charm.

Custom Kitchens

From ornate stainless steel range hoods to custom islands and marble slab backsplashes, 2019 was a big year for unique kitchens. Long gone are the days of cookie-cutter cabinets and a fresh coat of neutral paint. Just about every aspect of kitchen design is now intentional. If this sounds like a lot of pressure, don’t fear! You can totally have a classic, customized kitchen that won’t give pause to future buyers when you eventually decide to sell. But if you plan on staying put, go ahead and experiment with that floor tile you’ve been thinking about! Kitchen design is more flexible than ever.


This cozy trend has made it to 2020 and we’re thrilled. Whether you choose to have a statement ceiling or gorgeous natural wood furniture or cabinetry, incorporating wood is a great way to change up your home’s style this year. It pairs well with most trends and can also be an awesome way to add warmth to a home.

Art Deco Style

Say goodbye to all those clean lines – geometric shapes are back, baby! Art Deco is defined by a combination of sharp, angular designs and unexpected curves. Its revival incorporates modern, opulent finishes with eye-catching patterns. Art Deco is as luxurious as it is playful and allows for so much creativity! We’re pumped to see how this style evolves in 2020.

If redecorating for yet another decade of new home design trends sounds like a lot of work, don’t sweat it. Pick out one or two styles you want to try out and commit to them in small doses. This will help your home age well as this decade progresses and should simplify the process, too! If you love your home’s design, don’t feel like you have to redo it all in 2020. Follow the trends that speak to your heart. That said, you may want to check up on us at Lowe’s: we’ve already been gawking at the sparkly, spiky light fixtures for way, way too long.