Meet and Greet With Local Artist Julia Abbott

Don’t miss out! September 14th Circa Real Estate is hosting a meet and greet with local artist Julia Abbott. The offices of Circa Real Estate double as a commission-free art gallery where pieces of Abbott’s latest “Vivify” Series will be exhibited and marked for sale. Join us for an elegant evening of sampling lite bites and complimentary drinks while we take in these beautiful, vibrant pieces. If you’re lucky you might even get to take one home! For more info Click Here


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About The Artist

Julia Abbott is a native Houstonian, artist, and photographer whose work often features vibrant colors and gorgeous abstract fluid forms inspired by scenes from nature. Her use of stunning bright colors and intricate textures gives her paintings an ephemeral feeling as if capturing the beauty of a single moment in time. The way she emphasizes natural patterns and shapes in her work creates a real sense of depth and complexity within each piece.
Although she was born here in Houston, her pursuit of knowledge and beauty took her all across the world. Earning her Bachelors of Art from the University of Houston in Communications and Design was only the beginning of her journey. After her graduation, she moved to England where she studied at The Courtauld Institute of Art at The University of London. Her focus on painting and art history gave her the foundation of her artistic training, which she continued to hone well past the completion of her education.

After her studies, Julia began a new era of her life in San Francisco where she not only met her Finnish husband Vesa, but also held many showings of her paintings in galleries across the city. After experiencing her start as an artist, she lived briefly in Atlanta and then in Antigua, Guatemala for two years where her techniques began to evolve. During this time her signature style featuring vibrant colors and organic shapes emerged.

Now summer trips to her family’s lake cabin in Kivijarvi provide her with inspiration for her work where she finds beauty in reflecting the abstract forms of the natural environment in both her paintings and photography. Her work has been exhibited worldwide in Lindon, Antigua, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, and Helsinki, as well as, being published in a variety of periodicals including New Art International, Stroll, and New American Paintings. Recently she was selected for the 2023 New Texas Talent exhibition at Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, gaining acclaim for her new VIVIFY Series, which she will be exhibiting once again at a local art gallery here in Houston this September!

About Her Art

Abbott’s love for painting and photography speaks to her belief that image-making is a meaningful method to channel the ideas of the subconscious mind. Within the subconscious, ideas and images briefly flicker into existence finding form only to dissipate once more into the nebulous fog of thought. In her art, she attempts to capture and define these glimpses of thought into a physical medium. Using a combination of ink, resin, encaustic, gouache, acrylic, and digital photography, Abbott creates artwork that embodies both a sense of uncertainty and familiarity in its representation of the natural world, the human experience, and the unconscious mind. Through her use of luminous mediums and unique application of texture, the significance of light is exemplified through the enriched, glossy colors.

Transcendence Series

“Color, fluidity, and exuberance shine from my new painting series entitled Transcendence. The fluid expression of feeling that elevates the spirit of the​viewer. The hard glassy surface makes these pieces more stunning and durable.” Julia Abbott

Nostalgia Series

“This encaustic (resin, beeswax, pigment) and photography series is highlighted by a textured almost sculptural surface ​and the metallic neutral palette harkens back to a nostalgic past.”

Pisarat Series

“This painting series incorporates encaustic, which is made up of beeswax, carnauba wax, resin and pigment bound by ​heat, as well as, oil paint.”

Vivify Series

“An exuberant, vibrant multi-layered high shine resin and ink painting series on panel with dramatic mirrored edges – Focusing on rich, ​highly saturated colors and organic glossy orbs.”

A Statement From The Artist

“My Vivify series specifically features an exuberant, vibrant multi-layered high shine resin and ink painting series on panel. Larger paintings have dramatic mirrored edges – Focusing on rich, highly saturated colors and organic glossy orbs infused with joie de vivre. This series is an exploration of feeling and life following my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Endearingly known as my Vivify paintings, they tell a story of loss, confusion, healing, restoration and ultimately joy.” Julia Abbott

For more information and artwork visit her Instagram or her Website