Manready Mercantile Providing Sanitizer Gel

Despite feeling the pinch of COVID-enforced business closure, Manready Mercantile is doing all they can to give back to the Heights community. Hand sanitizer is hard to come by lately, and when Manready got their hands on some early in the outbreak they bottled it and first gave some to their employees and neighbors around 19th Street, the Houston Heights Tower retirement home. The facility was out of sanitizer and badly needed some to protect their vulnerable elderly population.

Once that was done, they reserved more 2 oz containers to give away at no charge to uniformed services and first responders, upon request. The little bit that’s left is available for sale on to try to help the shop stay open and keep paying employees while they are forced to remain closed. Online orders are still available, although quantities of this batch are limited. (If they sell out, you can request to be notified when another batch is ready.)

Help support the good work Manready Mercantile is doing in the community and purchase a bottle if your supply is running low. Quantities are limited to 5 per person.

In addition to hand sanitizer, Mandready Mercantile carries artisan candles, soaps, and other men’s toiletry products, as well men’s clothing, bags, and accessories. (There are also a handful of comfy sweats and socks for the ladies.) At the time of this publication, there’s a store-sale underway if you use code POSITIVE25 at