Main & Airline: A Neighborhood Transformation

The Greater Heights area continues to see major changes and renewal.
The latest catalysts to impact the area are the North Main and Airline rebuilds.

Through the city’s Rebuild Houston process, these two roads which were beyond simple maintenance have literally  been removed.  They are being replaced with brand new utilities, road foundation, surface , gutters, curbs and sidewalks. After years of patching, we will be able to enjoy the smooth feel of fresh concrete and no longer have to contend with the tire-eating potholes that were scattered along the curbs.

Having great streets can change the feel of an area. In Brookesmith, a number of streets have been improved.  The charm of its bungalows and new construction takes on new meaning when the streetscape is attractive, parking is available and access is easier.

It is exciting to see these new roads and improvements, not only because it will make driving in the area safer, but because we think that this creates an incredible sense of aesthetic worth and improves property values for the Sunset Heights and Brookesmith neighborhoods that long have needed attention to their infrastructure.

With the rebuild of streets we see both neighborhoods taking on a fresh perspective, making them even more charming pockets of the greater Heights area. 



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