Love, Hugs, and Valentine’s Day: Unique Ways to Celebrate

Once a year, people all around the world celebrate (or sarcastically sneer) Valentine’s Day. The day of love is next week, and restaurants are filling up with reservations and local jewelry stores are boasting new bling.

Houston is enjoying a few fun events, like:

  1. The “Anti-Valentines Art Show” at Insomnia Gallery
  2. A fun Doomsday Wrestling event (with a bit of a Valentine’s twist)
  3. Delicious “bottom-less tacos” from El Big Bad (hashtag Texas)
  4. “Whiskey Is My Valentine” by Izakaya
  5. A Valentine’s Day movie marathon at MKT BAR
  6. Jazz & Wine (classy, right?) at Buy the Glass
  7. “Women Rock Benefit Concert” with Mildred’s Umbrella at Rudyard’s (Girl’s Night Out… Charity… Girl Power… Check. Check. Check.)

—and more that we are probably missing. (Let us know on our Contact page and we’ll add your favorite event for this weekend!)

If none of these events excite you, it’s not too late to start thinking about how to show your love how much they mean to you. Only you know the way to their heart, but we’ve got a few ideas to help jump start your plan for the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Stick With Tradition

While not the most creative option, the traditional romantic dinner out/flowers/champagne Valentine’s evening is a classic for a reason. Choose somewhere special that you don’t go to every day, and don’t forget to make a reservation! Restaurants are generally booked solid on Valentine’s Day, so advance planning is a must.

Of course it goes without saying that a little bling is always welcome on Valentine’s Day. Choose something timeless and beautiful, just like her. Jewelry not in the budget this year? A heartfelt card with a handwritten note is another sure bet.

Stay In

Not into fighting holiday crowds and splurging on special prixe fixe dinners? Create the full romantic evening out experience, without going out. Light some candles, put out some flowers, cue up romantic music, and break out the good china for the first time in a year. Cook a homemade meal, or cheat and pick up something delicious and pre-made you can just throw in the oven. High-end grocery stores like Whole Foods typically offer pretty fantastic “home cooked” entrees.

With the meal taken care of, now you can turn your attention to wine selections. Don’t forget some bubbles to serve with dessert! After dinner, snuggle up on the couch in front of the fire and watch a classic romantic movie, like Casablanca or An Affair To Remember.

Keep It Casual

Not everyone is really invested in the whole fancy Valentine’s Day hoopla. If your love is one of those people, stick with something simple like a takeout pizza and board games. Spending quality time with each other is what counts!

If you’re thinking of having a low-key Valentine’s Day, be really sure that your sweetie is on the same page so there’s no disappointment or hurt feelings on their part. A good rule of thumb is that if they make a big to-do about their birthday, they probably want a special Valentine’s Day too.

Make a Splash

On the other hand, some people really put a lot of stock into occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day. If your better half falls into this category, go the extra mile to show them how special they are to you. Start with breakfast in bed, have flowers delivered at work, and save the main event for the evening.

Create a scavenger hunt with a present at the end, or make like a gentleman millionaire in a movie and gift her with a beautiful cocktail dress to wear for an evening out that you planned in secret. (Double check a few of her favorite clothing items to make sure you get the right size from a store she shops at!)

Make It an Experience

Many couples choose to forgo candlelit dinners, jewelry, and long-stemmed roses in favor of memorable experiences they can relive for years to come. Some of the best gifts aren’t tangible things at all! The perfect Valentine’s Day activity can be anything that fits the two of you, whether that means a weekend away, casual bowling night, couple’s massage, going skydiving, a cooking class- even getting matching tattoos!

Regardless of the type of Valentine’s Day that appeals to you, the most important thing is the company you spend it with. The rest is just details. Happy Valentine’s Day!