Lights in the Heights

Lights in the Heights will take place this Saturday from 6:00-9:00, despite rumors stating that the popular annual celebration was cancelled. The Woodland Heights Civic Association organizes the event, now in its 28th year, and assures readers that it is indeed still on, although they hope to reduce its size compared to recent years. Publicity has been minimal in order to keep things on a manageable scale and reduce crowding problem, and this “radio silence” regarding the event led to confusion that it was not going to take place this year. Lights in the Heights is hugely popular with Houstonians, thanks to the dozens of historic homes decked out in beautiful and elaborate Christmas decor. Neighbors from other parts of the Heights and across the city travel to sip hot chocolate and enjoy some of the best and most geographically concentrated Christmas decorations in Houston.


Originally intended as a festive neighborhood block party where the entire street decorates their homes and spends the evening mingling with neighbors, Lights in the Heights has grown to include thousands of visitors in some years. Unfortunately, a few of whom have become too rowdy for local homeowner’s tastes. Last year there were several problems with drunk and disorderly revelers causing trouble, crashing private parties, and destroying personal property. If you attend, please keep in mind that this is a residential neighborhood and the lights you are admiring are adorning someone’s home, so please be respectful. Many of the homes decorated for Lights in the Heights will be hosting parties during the event, but these are private gatherings for the homeowners’ friends and family, so please don’t try to join in the fun unless you were invited personally. 

Lights in the Heights is held between Euclid and Woodland, with road closures along the route beginning at 5:00. Parking is available on nearby streets, but can be quite difficult to come by. Visitors are asked to please not block driveways in the area and observe all posted parking restrictions. Enjoy the lights and holiday spirit at this neighborhood gathering, but please be considerate. 

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