Top 7 Interior Design Trends for 2018

We’re barely into 2018 and already top interior designers have a good idea of what the up-and-coming home decor trends are going to be this year. If you’re planning a renovation or redecoration project and want your house to look fresh and current, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Matte Black Fixtures

Did you notice while house hunting that you could frequently guess when a home was built based on what color the bathroom fixtures were? The color and finish of fixtures and doorknobs is an easy thing to update without breaking the bank, and some styles can be very dating if they are closely linked to a specific decade. For an of-the-moment look, swap out your brass or oil-rubbed bronze faucets, knobs, and other fixtures for matte black. As the trend gathers steam, more manufacturers are increasing their offerings in this shade to keep up with new demand.

Health-oriented Updates

Did you know that some counter tops can harbor bacteria and pass it on to your next meal? Yesterday’s raw chicken preparation might just turn into today’s salmonella salad, even if you wipe down the countertops in between. New countertop materials debuted at this year’s International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings in Italy this September, showcasing antibacterial properties. In fact, some of the new materials on display can even purify the surrounding air through a process called photocatalysis, in which light reacts with a semiconductor in the finish to kill bacteria in the air. We’d still take a Lysol wipe to them after dealing with raw meats, but it’s amazing to think that your countertops could disinfect themselves!

More Colorful Kitchens

While white is a long-time favorite for kitchens due to its bright, clean look, expect to see more pops of color in kitchen decor this year. Warmer shades of neutral cabinetry are on-trend, and painting the island a different, brighter color from the rest of the kitchen is another popular option. Grey and blue in particular are having a moment. An accent island is also great because you can easily repaint it in a single day if you get tired of it, without having to do a major overhaul of the whole kitchen.

Tile in Disguise

Another major trend you can expect to see a lot of this year is tile that looks like something else. Tile designed to look like hardwood, concrete, fabric, rustic stone, wallpaper- the options are endless and it will be everywhere! Incognito tile is a good way to add interest and texture to a backsplash while maintaining the easy cleanup that tile offers. While you wouldn’t really want a wooden backsplash (think of all the grease stains!) you can now have that look with the durability of ceramic tile.

Semi-Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have been in style for quite some time, but the latest trend is to keep the spacious flow and visual continuity of an open floor plan while using a partial barrier to demarcate between the kitchen and rest of the living space. A half-height wall of cabinetry is a great way to accomplish this. The kitchen still feels like a separate room, but you can easily continue a conversation or monitor kids who are in the living room.

Trough or Bucket Sinks

Gone are the decorative but impractical ceramic and glass bowl sinks of recent years, in favor of larger, more utilitarian trough-style sinks. These are deep, durable, and spacious, ideal for laundry rooms, kid’s bathrooms, and kitchens. From stain-treating laundry to cleaning muddy shoes to even giving a (small) dog a bath, they’re perfect for occasions when you need a little space to get the job done. The aesthetic dovetails nicely with the farmhouse-chic look popularized by the home renovation show Fixer Upper.

Rustic Light Fixtures

Also in demand due to Fixer Upper’s runaway success, rustic or vintage style light fixtures that double as art are having a moment in the sun. (Think aged copper or rustic steel pendant fixtures with antique-look Edison bulbs.) If you can find vintage fixtures, you’re really on-trend, but if not, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find new fixtures that are designed to look like they were salvaged from your great-grandpa’s farmhouse. Plus, the new models won’t require any retrofitting or rewiring to work safely in a newer home.


There you have it! Whether your chosen aesthetic is more shabby chic, minimalist and modern, or rustic and folksy, you’re sure to find at least a few ideas here that appeal to your sense of style and would look right at home in your space. Happy decorating!