Houston Newcomers: How to Settle in and Get to Know the City

So much is involved in the moving process, and it can be a source of great stress and anxiety. But the process doesn’t really stop once you’ve moved in and unpacked. Sure, you are technically moved into your new city. However, to make it your home, you need to ensure your living space is comfortable and safe, and you need to familiarize yourself with the area and all it has to offer. If you’re planning a move to Houston or have already moved in, the Heights Blog invites you to consider these resources to help you truly get settled in and make it your home.

Researching Local Providers

First things first: take care of the to-dos that will make your home functional. Setting up your internet, electricity, water, and other utilities is an important first step in making your property a welcoming place to set down roots. Check out these resources:

Decluttering and Cleaning

When you’re busy unpacking, it’s easy to inadvertently create clutter, and many of us don’t have the energy to deep clean a new home as soon as we move in. However, cleaning as you go will create a fresh atmosphere, and working to omit clutter as you unpack will establish organized living areas in every part of your home.

Home Maintenance and Repair

It’s not uncommon to buy a home that needs a few repairs upon move in. Whether you DIY or hire a pro to take care of maintenance tasks, getting your home in tip-top shape as quickly as possible will help you feel more settled from the get-go.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

If your move to Houston was long-distance, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle maintained. After all, you’ll want it to be in good working order so you can use it to explore our city!

Finding and Choosing Sitters

For families with children of the human or critter variety, there will come a time when you’ll need to find a reliable sitter. These resources will help you find trustworthy caregivers.

Food and Fun

There is no shortage of exciting things to do in Houston. Use these articles as a starting point to get to know (and love!) our great city.

For Business Owners

If you own a business, there are a few additional steps you’ll need to take as you settle into your new home. Don’t forget to learn about the ins and outs of running a business in Houston, transferring your business to Texas, and registering it with your local chamber of commerce.

Moving anywhere comes with its challenges, but using resources like these can help the entire process go more smoothly. Be sure to bookmark the Heights Blog so you can stay up to date on all things Houston as you settle in. Soon enough, it will feel like home!

Thank you to Patrick Young of Able USA for the wonderful resources outlined in this guest post!