How to Sell Your Home During Quarantine

Thank you to Shirley Martin of Tidy Life Today for this incredibly valuable and informative guest post!

Trying to sell a home during the COVID-19 crisis means navigating uncharted territory. There is no precedent for how to attract buyers, show off your home’s features, and make a great sale when no one’s allowed to meet in person. Although this time presents a distinct challenge for sellers, the task is far from impossible. Here are a few tips for showing potential buyers everything your home has to offer without breaking social distancing, based on safety precautions being taken by Circa Real Estate to ensure safe spaces:

Great Photos, Get The Video Done

Pictures are more important for listings now than ever before. Take a look at some of the best listings in Houston to get a sense of how Circa Realtors are showcasing their property during the quarantine. It’s always best to include a video walkthrough—even if it isn’t done professionally because of budget restraints, any walkthrough is better than none!

Make sure that your home is ready for photos. Start by making sure your home is in great shape. A thorough cleaning and decluttering will ensure your home shines in photos. Having trouble finding cleaning products? You may have the materials you need to make your own. You’ll also want to take a critical look at anything sitting out and ask yourself, “Will this add to the photo?” If the answer is no, put it away. Another great thing about getting your home in shape for photos is that it makes it easier to maintain for video walkthroughs. You’ll have much less work to do when it comes time to show the home.

Here are some other tricks you can use to get your home photo-ready.

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Discuss Walkthrough Options

Talk to your agent to get a sense of what your walkthrough options are. Depending on the situation in your area, it may still be possible to schedule in-person viewings. It’s likely, however, that you’ll have to go with virtual viewings. You can use video walkthroughs to give a virtual tour of your home so buyers get a better sense of the property.

In addition to allowing viewers to see the house without breaking social distancing guidelines, video walkthroughs also make showing your home to several buyers a breeze. You can use a single video walkthrough for everyone who wants to check out the property. The shooting process is relatively simple – just make sure the house is well-staged, clean, and free of clutter and mess. Avoid having pets or members of the household on screen – if you have kids, consider setting them up with some age-appropriate games for their PS4, Xbox or PC and let them hunker down while you film (just be sure to film the game room first!).

Circa Real Estate has launched a Virtual Open House tour program, and are requesting first showings from interested clients be held virtually—and are doing the same for their clients looking for homes. Ask your Realtor if they can take the same precautions, or go to to pick a Circa Realtor who are already taking the necessary steps to navigate real estate in today’s market!