Check Out Houston’s Bayou Greenways For Outdoor Fun

If you’re like us, you’re searching for socially-distant activities to help you keep busy during the summer. For the outdoor types, the new Bayou Greenways (or Bayou City) is a great place to go to burn off some energy or simply relax outside. In case you aren’t familiar with Bayou Greenways, here’s just why we would visit!

What It Is

Houston’s many bayous and streams interconnect, and the city thought the underused land surrounding the water would be ideal for leisure. The Bayou Greenways 2020 plan was an initiative to connect all of the parks and trails along Buffalo, White Oak, and Brays Bayou into one continuous hike and bike trail, and park system. The Houston Parks Board anticipates that there will be $90 million each year in projected city-wide benefits including in physical and mental, environmental, and economic health benefits.

The Bayou Greenways 2020 plan is actually over a hundred years in the making! Architect and urban planner Arthur Comey thought up a plan to connect the bayous way back in 1912. The Bayou Greenways 2020 project finished early this year, and we’re beyond thrilled – it could not have come at a better time!

How to Enjoy Bayou City

The project provides miles of new trails where bikers and pedestrians can burn off steam along the water without having to worry about traffic. While there were already sections of trails along the bayous, Bayou Greenways 2020 connected the dots to give Houston an interconnected and unbroken green space. Trails span 150 miles in total! The project also transformed more than 3,000 acres of unused and underused land along the bayous, which was mostly not suitable for building construction due to flooding concerns.

The park contains amenities such as benches, trash cans, and landscaping. It’s a wonderful place to connect with people (in a socially-distant capacity, for now), enjoy nature, and exercise safely. However, please be aware of pandemic protocols before visiting.

To enjoy Bayou Greenways during the COVID-19 pandemic, follow the Stay Home, Work Safe Ordinance. The parks system has adopted the following rules in order to comply:

  • Please maintain 6 feet of distance between you and other park visitors at all times
  • In order to limit contact with others, stay to the right of the path when enjoying the trails
  • Please walk or ride in single file
  • Benches and fitness stations are closed
  • Since water fountains are closed, please plan to bring your own beverages

If you’re looking for a particular experience at Bayou Greenways, the Houston Parks Board has your back. Check out their website for tips on which trails to visit for the best bike rides, bird watching, entertainment, and more.