Hot Heights Holiday Housing!

The Heights Holiday Marketplace is surprisingly hot!  Not only are your neighbors out shopping for that perfect gift for that certain someone, but people are out shopping for that perfect house right now, too.

In years past, when clients would ask my opinion on whether to list their house around the holidays, I’d be inclined to let them off the hook.  Most buyers don’t search for houses in December, and it’s somewhat inconvenient to keep a house “show worthy” with family coming in and out, decorations being hung and unhung, and hosting holiday parties.  This year, with the exciting real estate market shift we’re experiencing, my advice is different.

Buyers are swooping up houses as fast as they go on the market.  In some cases, listings are only lasting a few days.  Others never make it to MLS.  There is a feeding frenzy out there, and there just isn’t enough inventory for all the buyers.

 Of course, this is great news for sellers.  Prices are steadily rising, multiple bids are being placed, and time on the market is drastically shortened.  Got a lowball offer on your new listing?  Just wait.  Another will probably come along in a few days.  This market is unprecedented.

If you or someone you know are even considering selling your house, please give me a call.  I’ve got buyers waiting in a line around the block with mistletoe and moving boxes in hand.

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