Interactive Performance of “Honey, I’m Home” This Weekend Only

Artists draw inspiration from all kinds of ordinary places, and real estate and home life are the inspiration behind Hope Stone Dance’s newest performance titled Honey, I’m Home. Even if you’ve got season tickets to the Houston Ballet, you’ll never see a dance quite like this!

Jane Weiner, choreographer and artistic director of Hope Stone Dance was inspired by Ripple, an immersive sculpture created in her own neighborhood on the grounds of Cherryhurst House, a bungalow in Montrose, by recent artist in residence Havel Ruck Projects, where the play will take place.  Honey I’m Home explores domestic life in a home where everything is exposed to the outside world. Audiences are small and will follow the dancers throughout the performance in and around the house as they go about their daily home life.

“Ripple,” the art piece that inspired the play. Image Copyright 2018 Cherryhurst House, all rights reserved.


Guest artists Jacquelyn Long and Natalie Varnum appear courtesy of the Houston Ballet alongside the men of Hope Stone Dance. Our very own Bonnie Collins, Circa Realtor® and former member of Hope Stone Dance, will also appear.


Bonnie Collins, Circa Realtor®

Tickets are available here, and if you’re interested, you should definitely secure yours ASAP since audience size will be very limited. In face, there is no seating; audience members will be standing and walking throughout the performance, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Honey, I’m Home will be performed only three times, at 12:00, 2:00, and 4:00 on Sunday November 4 at the Cherryhurst House. Each intimate audience is greeted by the resident “family” and invited into their domestic bliss for a little Sunday tea, some tidying and a peek into the life of a family unprotected from the elements, with imperfections showing.

We love dance, historic homes, and art that breaks the rules and defies categorization, so we wouldn’t miss this for the world. And we couldn’t be more proud of our very own Circa Real Estate Realtor® Bonnie Collins taking center stage! Hope to see you there!

Photo Credit: Copyright 2018 Cherryhurst House, all rights reserved.