Four Home Staging Color Tips for the New Year

Thinking of selling your home? You are far from alone, my friend! Home prices have been soaring, and there’s no better time than the present to look into selling. If you’re hoping to list in the next 3 – 6 months, here are some things you can start doing to help your home pop and sell fast.

Pops of Color

Neutral colors like cream, white, and beige might have made decorating your home a cinch, but what happens once you’ve packed away a good deal of your belongings? The room might look pretty plain. Don’t fear, though! You can spruce up a drab room by emphasizing little pops of color – just don’t go too crazy. Two or three items of the same color are all you need. An accent painting and an eye-catching vase might be a good start.

Our favorite technique: incorporate a little bit of the outdoors into the room. This might mean bringing in pops of blue or green to mimic the sky and grass. In the right space, this technique can even make the room look bigger!

The pops of color in the living room at 757 East 16th Street really draw the eye to the beautiful fireplace.

Look Beyond Paint

Not every potential buyer likes colorful walls, so you may want to repaint them to a neutral color. If you have the time and budget, that’s great! If not, choose a few key rooms to leave as is and neutralize your décor instead. For example, if you have a bright blue bathroom, make sure your vases, towels, and soap dishes are of a matching neutral color; white is usually the simplest option. The effect can be pretty dramatic!


Even after you’ve mastered adding in pops of color to your home’s interior, you might still feel like something is missing from your staging. Vivid pillows, rugs, books, planters, and headboards can add so much character to your home and will breathe life into it. You don’t want your staging to just look like a bunch of strategically placed furniture – you want potential buyers to be able to envision what their life might look like should they choose to purchase your home.

Our tip: Combine your strategy for colors and accessories. It’s easy to overdo pops of color when you leave accessories as an afterthought, but when you carefully choose your accessories for their colors, you can knock out two birds with one stone.


Faux flowers are one of our absolute favorite techniques for brightening up a space and drawing the eye to particular areas of the home. You can definitely use real flowers to accomplish this; the one caveat is that you must ensure they don’t dry out or die since that would not be a good look! For this reason, we suggest using faux flowers from a store like Michael’s. Feel free to get creative in designing your bouquet, and consider using a color other than your “pop” color to attract even more attention.

The flowers on the dining room table at 424 East 24th Street helped draw the eye to the gorgeous light fixture in the room.