Get Your Rodeo On (on the cheap)!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has begun and is on through March 22! Time to put those cowboy boots on and party! Or is it? We’re here to give you the down low on how you can save money at the rodeo this year if you just wait a little longer to go.

If You Have Kids, Go on the Last Day

Sure, if you wait until the last few days of the carnival, your kids might nag you until your ears bleed, but it will be worth it. Everyone gets excited when the rodeo comes to town, so initial crowds can be brutal. You know what that means – long lines. Those aren’t fun!

Our advice is to wait to go until the very last day, after 4 PM. You won’t hit many lines, and your kids will score better prizes. Really! By the end of the carnival, it’s easier for workers to give toys away than it is for them to pack them up. Your kids might even toss that ball a couple times fewer to win.

Yes, your little ones might be upset they had to wait to go to the rodeo, but when you remind them next year of how cool it was to go on the last day, they might just relent!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Discounts

As concert days grow closer and tickets don’t sell out, you can expect some discounts. SeatGeek has some awesome concert deals right now, and you can grab tickets for as low as $6!

If you have to buy resale tickets, try to wait until just before showtime. The price of resale tickets can drop pretty significantly in the hours before a show since resellers just want to earn their money back. Keep an eye on ticket prices and strike when the time is right!

Attend Family Wednesdays

If you’re looking to catch a deal, kids aged 12 and under and adults over age 60 get free admission on Wednesdays until 7 PM. Additionally, rides and games only cost $2 through 4 PM, and many food and drink stands offer $2 deals on Wednesdays, too.

Unfortunately, people do come out of the woodwork for Family Wednesdays. Who wouldn’t? It’s a blast at a great value! Just keep in mind that crowds will be bigger than usual. If you don’t have the patience for long lines, you may want to go on a different day.

We hope y’all have a safe, fantastic time at the carnival! Have a churro for us, will ya?