Get Out and Vote Early Through Friday

Early voting is still underway, and the official election day for the 2020 Primary is Tuesday, March 3. Lucky for us, there are lots of poll locations in and around the Heights, so making your voice heard at the polls doesn’t have to mean standing in line all day.

Early voting will continue through Friday at the Moody Park Community Center on Fulton Street and Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church on 11th Street. On Tuesday, there will be more polling locations open throughout the city. Hogg Middle School and Field Elementary are the most convenient places to vote if you live in the Heights, but there are twenty voting stations inside the loop, so you’re sure to find one that’s convenient to your home or office, wherever that may be.

Never voted in a primary election before? You’ll choose a party, and then select from all the candidates within that party to help determine who makes it onto the ballot for the general election. There’s no voting against “the other guy” in the primary season, you simply choose who you want to represent your party of choice in each state, local, and federal election. Since this is a presidential election year, turnout will be higher than most primary elections. Expect to wait at least a little while, and shoot for off-peak times if your patience is short. During lunch hours and the end of the work day will be the times with the longest lines. Both parties vote at the same locations; you’ll be asked upon arrival which primary you’re voting in, and the options shown on your voting machine will all be running for office within that party.

For a full list of polling locations, as well as information about voter identification and frequently asked questions, visit