House-Hunting Advice for Finding an Accessible Home

The best communities are ones that make everyone feel welcome, where newcomers and lifelong residents alike can find themselves at home. That’s what we love about The Heights — it’s a place where diversity thrives and that’s accessible to everyone. When you’re looking for an accessible place to live, finding the right community is the first step. The next step is to find a home that fits your needs too. Here’s some advice you can use.

What Does Accessibility Mean to You?

Because more people are learning about the benefits of universal design, an increasing number of homes for sale already have accessibility features. Even when a home you like doesn’t have those features, it can likely be modified for accessibility. When you start searching for the perfect home, a great way to hone in on the features you want is to gather design ideas. You may come across ideas you’ve never thought of, like adjustable countertops or kitchen cabinets installed at modified angles, which makes it easier to get around in a wheelchair.

Another thing to think about is whether your new home will also be a place where you can stay independent. At some point, many seniors realize that moving to assisted living will give them a better quality of life than being on their own. The great news, as reported by Houston Public Media, is that today’s assisted living centers have responded to baby boomers’ demands for more than just independence by adding amenities that make life easier and more fulfilling.

The major benefit of assisted living is that you don’t have to worry about things like cooking or even errands like going to the salon. Every assisted living center is unique, and the cost can vary widely too, so anyone who is considering one should visit a few places to see exactly what they offer. The monthly cost of assisted living in Houston currently starts around $1,850 but can go much higher. Another point to keep in mind is that you may be able to make a deposit or prepayment if you find a place you love and want to reserve your spot.

Disabled boy in wheelchair

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Finding Your Accessible Home

For those who are looking to buy a home that’s accessible, the experts at Circa Real Estate are there to guide you through the house-hunting process from start to finish. An experienced agent who knows the neighborhood can help you find homes with the features you need.

Easy Access

For anyone who has mobility limitations, general access is perhaps the biggest concern, and a home’s entrances and interior spaces are the main areas to keep in mind. Look for a home that has a zero-step entry or the possibility of adding a ramp. You also want hallways that are wide enough to maneuver easily. Pay careful attention to outdoor spaces, especially whether the home has a paved driveway or smooth surface walkways. If the right home doesn’t have a paved walkway, it may be worth getting an estimate from a local paver.

Safety Concerns

The good news for anyone searching for an accessible home is that bathroom safety features now rank high on homeowners’ renovation priorities. The top features to look for include curb-free showers, grab bars, and anti-slip flooring materials. One thing to think about throughout your search is whether any changes you need to make are minor, such as installing grab bars, or whether they’ll require the help of a contractor. To make sure you plan for any renovations accurately, we recommend getting in touch with an area contractor like Bungalow Revival that specializes in the type of historic homes that make The Heights so special.

We know that accessibility means something different to everyone, which is why your new home needs to meet your needs, even if that means making some modifications. After all, you want to do more than just live there comfortably. Your new home should be a space that gives you the freedom and independence to live life to the fullest.

Thank you to Guest Author Patrick Young for this incredibly thoughtful post!