Creative Ideas for Curb Appeal in Early Spring

In a normal year, this is the time that I might suggest removing plants that have frozen and start working in some greenery that will work going into the spring and summer. Well, not this year. My air-conditioning is running as I write this. Spring flowers are coming sooner this year, and it seems likely that we are in for another scorcher this summer. Luckily we have gotten much needed rain to make the flowers bloom, but if your yard looks like mine, there are more than a few weeds that have also been revived.

Whether you are getting ready to market your home in our robust Seller’s market or if you just want to enjoy a lush yard going into this summer, here are some tips:

1. February marks the end of any chance of a freeze in Houston. Try not to laugh at the mere idea of a freeze, but there are years that we have those. Now is a good time to cut back roses and other plants that are over grown or perhaps unhealthy after the last growing season.

2. Now is a good time to thoroughly weed and add mulch to your beds. Mulch is always a key step before adding new seasonal color. A good layer of mulch both freshens the look of your garden and it will also help to protect your plants as the weather heats up.

3. Our grass took a real beating last summer. It is going to be very important to add new sod to large areas that where it scorched in the summer. It is also time to start fertilizing, mowing and edging. If you have been considering adding a sprinkler system, now is a great time. If you have to replace sod anyway, there is not a better time. An irrigation system in Houston is a terrific selling point for your home.

4. It is not too early for spring color and the first round of vegetables and herbs. There are many herbs that are not only great to cook with, but also make lovely additions to your landscape.

5. As you add color, consider native plants. Keep in mind that many plants that are listed as “Texas Natives” are really native to West Texas and may not work particularly well here in Houston. A good locally owned nursery should be able to help you to know the difference.

6. Large pots with greenery or color are always inviting. As we get into warmer weather they can be a challenge to keep sufficiently watered. You might consider tying in the planters with your watering system so you don’t need to hand water daily. Another option is to add succulents to those pots. Succulents add color and texture and they are terrific in Houston heat. They work year round in Houston and only need to be brought in on the rare occasions that we have a freeze.

7. Light it up. Just as lighting on the interior of your home is key, it is also a great way to highlight the outside of your home. Lighting can highlight an architectural feature, intricate landscaping or a wonderful tree. If this is a particularly strong aspect of your home, be sure to let your Realtor know so she can include dusk shots of your home in the marketing material.

8. Now is the time to dust off your outdoor furniture. Outdoor seating areas are an extension of indoor space and are inviting for potential buyers. Now is a comfortable time of year to spend outdoors, so it is especially important to let a potential buyer know how they might use the outdoor space.

Spring is here early this year, so enjoy the weather while you can. You can get some great advice at any of our local nurseries that specialize in landscape plants that work in Houston’s heat. You might stop by Buchanan’s or Joshua’s Native Plants for great advice and great plants. This also makes for a great time to show your home in the best possible light. The early spring has brought both flowers and buyers earlier than is typical. If you would like more information on today’s market or on listing your home, please contact one of the Realtors at Circa Real Estate.