Crawfish Season is Upon Us!

Preparing live crawfish at home can be a major undertaking, especially if you don’t already have the outdoor burner, giant pots, and other specialty equipment required for a serious crawfish boil. Those of us who love crawfish but don’t want to go to the trouble of hosting a crawfish boil at home are in luck! The Heights is home to several fantastic places known for their mudbugs, and now that crawfish season is in full swing, there’s no better time than the present to try them out. If you’re in the mood for crustaceans, keep reading! This is by no means a comprehensive list- there are tons of places in addition to these that serve crawfish at least a few days out of the week, but these are a few of our favorites.


Boil House

If you want to enjoy your crawfish at home, Boil House is your place. You can pick up live or hot, boiled crawfish from the comfort of your car in their drive-through, or stick around and eat there if you prefer. The owners are born and raised Louisiana Cajuns, and all the crawfish are farm raised in Louisiana and driven in daily. The menu here is limited, so if you have people in your party who are in the mood for something else, you might plan your visit to Boil House for another day. In addition to mudbugs, you can order boudin empanadas, sausage, King cake and pecan pie, and of course, the traditional corn and potatoes served with crawfish. Boil House is located at 606 E. 11th Street. 



BB’s Cafe is a quickly-growing Houston favorite, with five locations around the city. The Heights location is open late and always busy, a favorite pit stop of Heights residents out for a night of White Oak bar hopping. At $7.95 per pound, their crawfish are on the pricier end of the spectrum, but perfectly prepared. Enjoy yours with an order of those amazing loaded “Tex Mex Virgin” fries. We can’t go to BB’s without ordering them! There is a varied menu in addition to crawfish, so if you’re in a group including people who aren’t fans of mudbugs, they’ll have plenty of choices. BB’s is found at the corner of Studewood and White Oak. 


The Boot

A relative newcomer (opened in 2014), The Boot has quickly established itself as a go-to spot for Cajun cuisine of all kinds. While you can get po boys, ettouffee, gumbo, and other Cajun dishes, the crawfish are the big star this time of year. The atmosphere is casual, with tons of outdoor seating, washer courts, and plenty of patio umbrellas for shade. The Boot is located at 1206 West 20th Street. 


There you have it! Don’t let crawfish season pass you by without getting your bug fix, wherever you decide to get it. With so many tasty options available, you can’t go wrong. 




Source: Image via The Boot