Classic Blue Pantone Color of the Year for 2020

If you’re an artsy type that follows things like the Pantone Color of the Year, you may have some strong opinions about the 2020 selection, a rich royal shade called “Classic Blue.” Personally, we are here for it. Classic Blue is easy to decorate with, timeless, and can blend seamlessly with virtually any style of decor.

One of the nicest things about Classic Blue is that it goes with literally any color of metallic accents, so you’re not limited by your home’s hardware. While this shade is so easy to use it’s basically a neutral, it’s always smart to start with smaller doses and build rather than go big right away and regret it. Here are a few easy ways to incorporate Classic Blue into your home this Spring.

1.) Accent Wall

A whole room painted such a vivid shade might be a bit much, but we love the idea of an accent wall. Be forewarned, with a more intense shade like Classic Blue, you will definitely need more than one coat, and you’ll want to be extra vigilant about taping your edges to ensure a nice, clean line.

2.) Upholstery

Did you know it’s shockingly easy to upholster a smaller piece like an accent chair or ottoman? All you need is a staple gun, fabric, and maybe upholstery nails, depending on the item, and you can be done in an hour or two. We wouldn’t want to commit to an entire living room set in a trendy shade, but love the idea of an of-the-moment pop of color that you can easily makeover again when the mood strikes.

3.) Low-commitment touches

If even a small piece of furniture is too long-term, consider a cozy throw and a couple of decorative cushions to incorporate Classic Blue without the commitment. If you get tired of it, throw a new slipcover over the cushions and give them a new lease on life. A new duvet cover is another great way to bring in a vibrant color without going whole-hog on a major redecoration project.

4.) DIY Flea Market Finds

Adding color is the perfect way to extend the life of interesting pieces from a garage sale or thrift shop that have seen better days. Choose the shade you like and pick a few mismatched picture frames, vases, or lamp bases that deserve a second chance. Who doesn’t love a good up-cycle? It’s inexpensive, reduces waste, AND you get the added bonus of the satisfaction of a job well done.

5.) Stick ‘Em Up

While wallpaper has generally gone the way of the dodo bird, it’s beginning to make a comeback in a new form. Temporary stick-on wallpaper is our new obsession, and it’s an amazing way to cover a multitude of sins very quickly without damaging anything or jeopardizing your security deposit. Look for faux tile, stone, brick, and more typical wallpaper designs. The best part is that there’s no messy paste to deal with, and you can change it out when the mood strikes. Revamp a dated kitchen with a new backsplash, or find a waterproof version for an ugly tub surround.

There you have it! Pick one, pick them all, or mix and match to keep your abode on-trend and fresh for Spring. If anybody needs us, we’ll be at Pier One doing a little shopping.