Celebration Ideas for a COVID Halloween

Now that October is fast approaching, it seems like everyone’s got Halloween on the brain. How will Houstonians celebrate this year? We’ve got a handful of ideas for you – just in case you’re in need of alternatives!

Once in a Blue Moon

Keep it simple this year – have the family dress up and go camping in the backyard. If you don’t have a backyard, you might consider heading to one of the many local parks for a couple hours. Why spend time outdoors on Halloween night? Well, you see, this Halloween is a full moon, and it’s a special one. It’s actually a blue moon – a rare occurrence that only happens when there are two full moons in one month. Halloween also falls on a Saturday, so the kids definitely won’t be in school the next day.

While the blue moon isn’t actually blue and happens roughly every two-and-a-half years, a blue moon on Halloween is truly rare: they only happen every 18 – 19 years! Parents might be inclined to use this as a learning opportunity for the kiddos, but if not, laying in the grass and eating candy is just fine, too!

Haunted Drive

If you’re willing to drive north to Splendora, you might be in for the scare of your life! The Haunted Drive offers visitors frightening fun, all from the socially distant safety of their cars. Admission is $20 per vehicle (cash only) and the drive-in is open on Fridays and Saturdays beginning September 25th. The Haunted Drive is located at 24334 FM 2090 Road, Splendora, Texas.

Drive-in Scares

Sick of sitting on your couch and watching TV? Us too. That’s why drive-in theaters excite us so much! The opportunity to catch a movie outside in the fresh air is too sweet to pass up. The Drive-in at Sawyer Yards will be showing spooky movies all during the month of October. Keep an eye on their schedule to see when they’re showing your favorite Halloween flick!  

Virtual (or Socially-Distanced) Pumpkin Carving Contest

If you have some artistic skills and you know it, this event is for you, and it’s perfect for adults and kids! Compete with friends and family at a safe social distance, or host the event online via Skype or Zoom for added safety. Add your beautifully carved pumpkin to your doorstep along with your other Halloween decorations. To make things more fun, you could even turn this event into a double-contest by dressing up in a costume while you carve!

While due to COVID-19 this Halloween will surely not be the Halloween we know and love, there are still ways to make it enjoyable while still being safe. Whatever you choose to do this year, we hope you protect yourself and others and have a blast!