Single Family Home on Clevedon Lane

November’s Real Estate by the Numbers

Economic conditions continued to impact the real estate market in November. However, a decline in sales was inevitable moving into the start of the holiday season, and there were some...

October Slump Sparks Increased Home Supply

Sales continued to decline as inventory rose in October, marking the seventh month in a row of dampening sales. However, there was good news for some in the real estate...

A large home with a double-front porch and brick facade.

High-End Homes Lead September’s Sales

September’s numbers may have marked the sixth consecutive month of declining sales, but there were positive indicators in HAR’s recent report too. The high end of the Houston housing market...

Agent Spotlight: Diana Dao

Agent Spotlight: Diana Dao

Diana Dao, Realtor® at Circa Real Estate, knows more than a thing or two about buying and selling homes. As ...
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730 Allston Street exterior

Houston’s Mind-Blowing January Real Estate Numbers

Real estate has been on a roll in Houston, hasn’t it? With the city’s sky-high housing demand, we’ve consistently broken ...
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Snow on ground and trees

Winter Weather Tips for Houstonians

The latest cold snap Houston has been going through has been challenging, to say the least! This weather is certainly ...
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Love Mural Outside Harold's

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 at These Sweet Eateries

Valentine’s Day might look a little different this year, but there are still plenty of sweet spots for you to ...
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1001 Bayland Avenue

Houston Newcomers: How to Settle in and Get to Know the City

So much is involved in the moving process, and it can be a source of great stress and anxiety. But ...
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