Circa Real Estate Moves to 19th Street

As Circa Real Estate becomes a larger part of the Heights’ amazing local flavor, it is moving its headquarters to be closer to neighbors, friends, and the community it celebrates.

Often called a “Town in the City,” the Heights area is a well-known cultural landmark in Houston. For decades it has been one of the best places to find vibrant art, homes, and people. Development in the area has boomed, and people are gravitating towards the Heights more than ever before.

The same could be said for Circa Real Estate LLC. Over the past few years, Circa Real Estate has seen amazing business growth. More than 25 agents proudly represent some of the most beautiful and sought-after homes in the area. The Circa Real Estate logo is seen throughout the numbered streets, placed in front of both historic bungalows and select luxurious new builds that have sparked the fusion of new and old in the Heights.

For years, Circa Real Estate has been headquartered in the grand Cooley Mansion on Heights Boulevard. As Circa Real Estate becomes a more prominent part of the Heights’ community, it has decided to move its home into the bustle and vibrancy of the historic 19th Street Strand.

For more than a century, 19th Street has been a defining icon for the Heights with its eclectic style and variety of walkable fun. Aside from monthly events, its mainstays range from local coffee shops, restaurants, mom-and-pop businesses, hair salons, and vintage treasures. And, now, the Height’s premier Realtors®: Circa Real Estate.

Come stop by and celebrate all that Circa Real Estate’s new home and growing company represents: community, history, and progress!


350 W 19TH, STE D